Advent Gaming Calendar 2019 Day 17: Wild Arms

Credit to ShinigamiKyo’s YouTube Channel

I do need to get around to playing Wild Arms one day. I have always had an interest in playing them, but I have never found the time to get around to doing that. It is an interesting mix of fantasy set in the wild west that is wholly unique to this day. The first Wild Arms was a success and things looked great, until it didn’t like back in 2007 when the last game came out. I am not sure what happened to the franchise afterwards, but people I know tend to praise the series for better or worse.

The thing that captivates me with this opening is all of its style. This opening reminds me of an old anime like Trigun or Cowboy Bebop. The setting is a fantasized wild west world where things look bleak and dusty. There are grave markers everywhere signifying that this is a harsh world where many people die for what they are searching for. As a contrast however, none of the characters shown have the look of despair, but more so of determination and resolve. There is never a shot of a robust town or lush forest to downplay the world of this game. Characters are mostly alone until the last shot with the three main characters. There are scenes of magic to show that there are mystical elements in play. These things help solidify the world to which you are about to embark on and it is a telling one. Again I have not played the game before, but I do really like this opening. Another great detail is the song choice for the opening. The guitar and whistle have strong connotations to the west and it brings the charm of the setting to life.

When I do eventually get around to playing this game I hope my thoughts about this opening change a bit. There could be hidden meanings behind the grave markers or the dog tag left on the specific one. I’ll give myself another year or three before I can fully appreciate this theme.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 18!