EXP Share Posts + Topic #5

February has come an gone, meaning another EXP Share month has come to a close. There are several posts that other bloggers have shared with the community, and I am thankful for their participation! Here are the posts that were shared this month!

EXP Share: A Story That Involves Someone Special To You by Thero159 – Thero is at it again and sharing a story about teasing her younger brother. As an older (and younger) brother myself, I understand power it feels to watch someone stay on high alert when the threat is a defenseless butler.

EXP Share #4: My High School Friends by The Gamer With Glasses – George is back with a reminiscing post about his friends in high school. What feels like a golden age of gaming to some people, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic myself from reading his post.

My Blogging-Friends and the Games We’ve Shared by Later Levels – Kim shares several stories that may look familiar with a lot of you. Kim’s influence in the blogging community has helped her connect with so many people, and it shows with how much she cherishes some of those memories.

EXP Share: Cat Companions by Ace Asunder – When I said anyone can be a special gaming partner, I meant that anyone could be. Solarayo dedicates her post to her two best roommates; who happen to be here furry companions.

Gaming With Those Special People by DanamesX – I am plugging my post this time since I was very late in getting it out. With working on the Pokémon Catcher’s Catch collab and personal stuff, I almost did not get my own post out. I decided to add short stories from several people in my life that I am always happy to play games with.

Thank you for always sharing! Now to this month’s topic.

March March March! It’s hard to believe that it is March already. Where has the time gone? For most of us, we try not to think about last March, but sometimes reflecting on one event makes us think how we survived during other events. One way we escape the dreaded void is by escaping into another void; video games, tv shows, or books in most cases. But, what happens when your escape pod leaves you into an even darker void that completely negates the other thing that you were escaping from? That my friends brings me to this month’s topic:

Share a story where an event in a game, tv show, movie, or book left you in shock and your reaction to it.

A “what the f***” moment has bound to happen to us at some point. Why not share that story with others! I’m also opening this questions up for the first time to other mediums outside video games. If your story has a spoiler in it, you might want to let your readers know of it ahead of time (yes things that came out 20+ years ago can be considered a spoiler to someone who hasn’t experienced it yet). As always, the prompt will go until the end of the month March 30.

Thanks for sharing!


EXP Share Posts + Topic #4

Another month has come and gone. With that, another month of EXP Share posts have been shared around the community. Last month I asked the community to share a story not from the past, but the present day nightmare that we live in. The objective was to play a new game that was 100% new to them and spend about 2 hours playing it. Afterwards, tell us about your experience with the game and if you will continue to play it or not. Here are the posts from this round:

EXP Share: A Ring Fit Adventure by Pix1001 – Joining us for the first time is Pix1001 from Shoot the Rookie! Pix jumped on the chance to join since a new game arrived the same day the prompt was announced (sounds like a good excuse to me!). Take a look to see if Pix got a good workout. Also I apologize for not leaving a comment like I normally would (don’t know how that escaped me).

EXP Share #3: Final Fantasy VII by TheGamerWithGlasses – Participating again is George with his first time experience with Final Fantasy VII. After playing the remake, see what his thoughts about the OG game was after taking less time to get out of Midgar.

EXP Share: First Impressions of a Game I Played This Month by Thero159 – Thero presents a really cute game called Cat Quest! Based on her description of the game, I might have to check it out for myself when I have the time.

Yakuza 0: Trying Something Different by Later Levels – I got Kim to talk about a game that wasn’t Monkey Island this time! Kim went out of her comfort zone to earn those bonus points by playing Yakuza 0. As someone who has this in their backlog as well, her opinions make me wonder when I will finally give it a go.

EXP Share: Anthem is Awesome by Solarayo – Ellen returns sharing her experience with the popular online game Anthem. She also shares an opening monologue that I 100% agree with!

A New Experience – Exp Share by Gaming Omnivore – Nathan slides in on the final days of the month to talk about his experience playing Among Us with a bunch of cool people. While reading this, I couldn’t help but to fell that I was there as well.

And those are the post from the first EXP Share of this year! If you submitted a post and I missed it somehow, please yell at me and I will update the page with your post included. But seriously, I would feel bad if I didn’t thank everyone who participates rather that be posting something or interacting with others on their post. With that, I hope you are all still enjoying this community event that I came up with one sleepy night.

With that, let us set the stage for this month’s EXP Share topic. It’s that lovely month where businesses shame you for not spending money on a significant other and those devil chalk candy with the messages on them reemerge from the hell that they came from. While I have a problem with the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, I have no problem with people expressing their love for one another. With that in mind, I aim to make these topics all inclusive so that anyone can participate. So for this month’s EXP Share topic:

Share A Story That Involves Someone Special To You

This month doesn’t have to be exclusive to just significant others. A special person can be anyone who you deem is special to you. This could be a significant other, a older or younger sibling, a parent, a close friend, your twitch chat, the voices in the wall, or your pet. Just share a story that involves you and this other person and why it is a memory that you hold on to. It is your story you want to share, so tell us all about it and have fun with it. As always, you have until the end of the month to submit your post.

Thanks for reading,


2nd EXP Share Posts + Topic #3

Happy New Year!

Congratulations for surviving the previous year! Now do everything in your power to make this year better. Last month’s EXP Share topic asked the community to share a story about sharing the gift of gaming with someone, or someone sharing it with you. I enjoyed reading all the post fellow bloggers wrote and I liked the trend of sharing multiple stories in one post. It goes to show how much gaming has been an influence in people’s lives. Below are all the post from this topic:

EXP Share: Sharing the Gift of Gaming by Thero159 – Thero was our first contributor to this month’s topic and started the multiple stories in one. Both revolve around MMOs and how a friend can help you get stuck in these massive worlds.

Sharing the Gift of Gaming by Later Levels – Kim returns with another good feel post. The fun thing about her post is that she timestamped each event, showing that she has a great memory of impactful moments. This is her second time referring to Monkey Island, but she may have trouble referring it in the next post topic.

Sharing the Gift of Gaming Collaboration by TheGamerWithGlasses – A newcomer to the blogging community and I want to thank them for choosing to participate! Their post revolves around receiving a PlayStation and cherishing the gift for years to come.

EXP Share #2 – Sharing a Pastime… by Gaming Omnivore – GO is back sharing three stories of childhood memories and a recent one. It made me think about Twitch as a good platform of sharing gaming experiences and introducing new things to other people.

EXP Share Prompt #2 – Stories of the Past by Indiecator – This is Magi’s first time posting to the EXP Share post! We might have geeked out a bit in the comments about Pokémon Puzzle League and how it is one of the best game on the system. There are stories of connecting with people via Twitch and sharing gaming with a partner.

EXP Share: The Gift of Gaming Goodness by Ace Asunder – Last but not least is Ellen sharing a story of a mother, daughter, and a pink ball of cuteness. This is one of those feel-good stories of bounding with a parent over a subject that may go over their head.

Thank you all for contributing! A big writer’s block this month prevented me from contributing to my own creation, but I’m glad others had fun sharing; which is the point of these posts.

Now onto this month’s topic! I think I came up with something fun that anyone can do since it does not require thinking of something from years past. It is a new year. This means new experiences, new opportunities, and trying new things that you may not have tried before. With that, I would like to present this month’s topic:

Share A Story About A Game That You Played For The First Time This Month

For the first time, I am not asking for a story about your past, but about the present. With this prompt I am only asking for a few rules:

  • Play a game that is completely new to you
  • Play for at least a minimum of 1-2 hours (just enough time to get your initial opinion of it)
  • In your post, talk about why you choose it, what you like, dislike, if you will continue to play it, and anything else you would like to add.
  • Bonus points if it is in a genre that is new to you or one that you don’t really play

I hope that you enjoy this topic. It was fun to come up with and I hope to come up with other ideas similar. As always, you have until the end of the month to post your response via blog, social media, video, whatever. And as always, have fun!

Thanks for reading,


EXP Share Results + Topic #2

The inaugural month of the EXP Share Post has come and gone. I hope everyone has had fun reading and sharing each other’s stories. I was unsure how this collab would go with others, but it seems to be enjoyable and I am happy to continue doing it!

With topic number one, there were a total of five posts! If you have not given them a read yet, I implore you to do so!

Why I Feel In Love With Video Games by Later Levels – You can have a blogging event without Kim from Later Levels! You can guess what game got her into the hobby, but hearing it form her and the story that goes along with makes it sound like a destiny’s calling.

EXP Share: The Video Game, Moment, or Reason, That Got Me Into Gaming by Thero159 – Nintendo 64 Christmas Kid, meet GameBoy Color Christmas Kid! Thero’s story is very simple, but it captures that moment of wonderment at a young age who is about to embark on a grand adventure.

EXP Share #1 – The Beginning of it All… by Gaming Omnivore – Oh to be a kid in the late 80s/early 90s. Some of legends in the gaming world start to emerge around this time, but can you guess which game started our omnivorous friend’s hunger for gaming?

EXP Share: Gaming Escapism Begins by Ace Asunder – Solarayo’s story sounds like the origin story for a badass superhero. From the ashes of a childhood event, a new person was born! One that would have an affinity toward lightning, the color purple, and punching things!

How It Started (EXP Share Post) by Tales from the Backlog – It feels weird putting my own post in this post, but the concept of this event is to share post even if that means sharing my own again with old and new readers. I don’t know if I will do it again, but here it is in case you didn’t get around to reading it the first time. I will always put everyone’s else’s post above mine because I want to share them with everyone else since I’m grateful they took the time to take part in this community event that I thought of one random day while I was probably at work.

With November behind us now. We must look toward the future and dream of better times. Quite literally since we are at the end of 2020, and I bet we are all ready for the sequel in 2021! For the December EXP Share Post, I wanted to come up with a topic that fits the holiday season without being directly Christmas related. I know we all celebrate different holidays and special occasions, so I’ll try to not make any topics relate directly to a specific holiday. With that in mind, there is one concept that is synonymous with all holidays happening this month. So for this month, I propose this topic:

Share A Story Where You Shared The Gift Of Gaming With Someone OR Someone Shared It With You.

It sounds a little confusing so let me explain.

Share a story were you may of introduce someone to gaming. It could be a game that you wanted someone to try and they loved/hated it, introducing someone to a series that they never heard of, buying a game or console for someone, sharing a special moment with someone, or letting someone play a level in a game and sharing the fun/misery of it all. If you can’t think of a moment that you did personally, was it something someone did for you that was a gift? All are still welcome to join in on these types of post. As always, no pressure if you don’t have a story you want to share. I will eventually come up with the one topic that you can’t help but to share a story!

Like last time, the deadline for your post will be at the end of the month, December 31. Spread the holiday cheer of whichever holiday you celebrate by sharing the gift of storytelling with everyone!

Thanks for reading,