Soul Calibur Appreciation Post

I’ve done it! I was able to obtain my second platinum trophy! The honor goes to Soul Calibur VI. I wouldn’t expect myself to complete a game like this, but something clicked and it motivated me to get everything. While there is some clean up left to do, I think I can safely put this down now until the next challenger approaches.

I can safely say that Soul Calibur is one of my favorite fighting games. I started playing this game last March in 2019. After a few rounds, I got distracted by school and left it on my shelf for over a year; collecting dust and sharing stories of hope from the other games on my shelf (rip). I decided to pick it back up after a weekend with my friends. They would play Soul Calibur V back in our college days and would spend an unhealthy amount of time in Creation mode. There were a many of nights of neglecting parties and significant others just to hang with the guys and create dicks on people.

Creation mode is one of the best features in Soul Calibur. You can create your own OC with the options that the game gives you. There may not be a lot of options to choose from, but with a creative mind a lot of things are possible. With them by my side/computer screen, it rekindled my interest in the title to not only finish it, but obtain all of the achievements.

With that in mind, I wanted to personally thank all of the characters who helped me along this journey. Some of them may have played only a minor role, but their contribution was nevertheless important. 


Skeleboss is one of the oldest OCs that I have created. This skeleman is all business on top, but is ready to party below. The lore that I gave him is that he was granted immortality at the cost of what he loved the most, his fiddle. What he didn’t know was that there were two downfalls to this. The first was that as he got older, his flesh and muscles would melt off his body and that he would become a walking skeleton. The second drawback was due to the laws of marriage, his wife, who he absolutely hates, is also immortal and is stuck with him. To get away from her, he picks up hobbies and will sometimes travel the world just so he can escape. It just so happened that in the 1500s, he was traveling around Europe and Asia during events of Soul Calibur. It soon came that he would become a legendary hero during this time. Later in life in the mid 2000s, he would go on to be a new legend in the art of skateboarding.

Darklord Kent

One of the edgiest guys one can make when the world already has Soul Edge. Kenith (Darklord Kent) was designed to be the edgiest person we could create. His hatred for weaklings led him down the path of being this world’s reaper. No one can match his level of edge and set off to prove that. He is so edgy, that he has not defeated anyone; as they cannot get close to him (mostly their choice). The socks and sandals were an extra bonus.

THOT Patrol

The hero that the internet needs. THOT Patrol is on a mission to slay each and every thot he comes across. Based on the “Begone THOT” meme, we decided to create this character after coming across A LOT of barely clothed characters online. We felt that there had to be a champion that could get past their seductive looks and defeat them one by one. He is not the hero that we wanted, but the one that we needed.

Mr. Society

We eventually knew we were going to create this. Based on the “We Live In A Society” meme, we had to create a Joker impersonator. The only regret we have is that we fought someone who was Batman and we were not using this character.

Florida Man

Definitely one of the strongest characters that we created. Florida Man is ready to get in complete high jinks (even though Florida was not a thing in the 1580s).Where did he come from? How did he get here? Who taught him in the ways of the nunchucks? Whatever the reason, Florida Man will always show up with a crazy headline. Currently, he has the highest online win percentage on my profile.


There are a lot of bad “Karens” out there, so we decided to make a good one (kinda). For a while, she was our undefeated champion of online play. We eventually gave her the backstory that she was fighting her way to get to the manager of online play. We found one person online who could match that description, and he proceeded to mop the floor with us.After that, Karen jumped back into her minivan and started her new quest of getting stronger to take out all of the managers (a very silly plot, but had us in tears).



I dislike Raphael. I don’t like his moveset, he’s demeanor, or his stupid glasses. He did, however, help me obtain an achievement for getting a gold ranking in Arcade mode. For that, I will give him a small pat on the back.

Mitsurugi and Sophitia Style

Not necessarily the character, but the character’s style. I used both of these through my playthrough of Libra of Soul. After 20 hours, I’m still not the best with Mitsurugi’s style, but I was able to playthrough all of Libra of Soul in less than 2 hours using Sophitia’s style. I’ll let you guess which one I’m better with.


Thanos randomly popped up during my first Libra of Souls run. I like to imagine that he used the Time Stone to wrap himself to this era. From here, he would have some complicated plan to use Soul Edge to conquer the universe or something. Along the way, he met Skelaboss and decided to team up with him for a while. He would then go to fight one battle and then got bored. Where did he go after the fight? No one knows. Rumors have it, he fled this realm once he heard both Geralt and Florida Man were here as well.

With this page in history closed, I turn to look and see what might be next. I have other games that I am close to completing, but I may wait until I’m motivated again. It can be hard to force yourself to play something for hours if you are not into it. In a short time, something will come along that will get the gears turning (like my wife Kat earning her 8th platinum trophy). With that in mind, if anyone wants to play Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 with me online so I can get that last achievement, you will be my best friend forever!

Thank you for reading,