October 2021 Report

This has arguably the most productive month I’ve had in a while. I have been on a roll of releasing a new post every week (not originally my intention) and I still have content to keep that trend going. This is a good thing since I have notice that my foot traffic hasn’t been the same as it use to. This could just be a down time for most readers, or my content isn’t what it used to be. Either way, I’m happy with where I’m at right now so the drop in engagement doesn’t bother me that much.

Outside of blogging, other habits have been improving in a big way. I have finished the most games that I have in a single month since last April and it has been a wonderful feeling. On top of that, I haven’t had the desire to buy many new games unless I happen to see them in passing. With the holiday seasons coming up and more time off of work coming soon, I think I’m going to enjoy my first holiday season without much stress coming from school and work. That could all change is something stupid happens along the way, but I’m stupidly optimistic to see it happen.

Finished This Month

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Like every October, I went on a big Castlevania kick for the spooky season. Aria of Sorrow is still as good as I remembered, and may be my second favorite out of the series. I will need to finish the sequel, Dawn of Sorrow, at some point, but that may have to wait until next October (calling it now a DS collection is going to come out by then).

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Easily my least favorite out of the Gameboy Advance trilogy. The vertical layout of most rooms and boring design just made it boring for me to play towards the end. I can see why some would hold this game in good favor since they probably played it when it first came out, but with how much Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow improved the gameplay and how Symphony of the Night was designed better than this, I don’t know why Konami degrade this game when the GBA could handle it. I’m rambling, but know that I’ve played it and experienced it, I have no need to replay it again (unless I get sick in the head and want to 100% clear it).

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance

The final game in the GBA trilogy that I finished. I had mixed feelings going into this game since I wasn’t the biggest fan of the character sprites, but once I looked past that I realized that this is a solid Castlevania game. If I enjoyed Soma for being customizable and flexible, I quickly learned to appreciate Juste’s fast movement and overall powerful arsenal that mostly focus around his whip, Vampire Killer, and spells with sub weapons. I definitely want to play this game again and go for that 100% completion rate. It was that good.

Tales of Arise

Honestly debating if this is my GOTY of the year. Tales of Arise surpassed my expectations and delivered one of the best Tales of experiences that I’ve had since playing Hearts R. This is also the first Tales of game that I’ve gotten the platinum trophy for just because it was so much fun to do so (and one of the easiest one’s to complete). I do have some grudges with it that existed all the way through the postgame, but the other systems of the game kinda balance them out for me to the point I can tolerate it. My full post will be out soon once I can get my right words and feelings out.

Pokémon Trading Card Game (GBC)

Photo by Caleb Oquendo on Pexels.com

Sneaking in on the last day of October, I finished this game after realizing I was right there at the end. This is a game I picked up recently to play during my lunch break, and I don’t remember why I stopped playing when I was so close to the end. The Pokemon TCG is something that I never knew how to play before playing this, and I feel that is the case with some people who collected the cards, but never learned how to play the actual game. I would normally post a picture of my victory screen, but since I do not have a reliable source to screenshot my 3DS, then you will just have to take my word that I did in fact finish it.

New Additions

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Up yours scalpers! I knew my patience and scouting would pay off one day to get this below normal retail and scalpers ridiculous pricing. I have been looking forward to playing this after I finally finished the first game a few months back. It will sadly have to wait a little bit longer since I already have my next long RPG planned, but I’m glad I now have it in my possession.

Pilotwings Resort

When getting Xenoblade Chronicles 2, this game caught my eye and I said “sure why not.” I enjoyed Pilotwings 64 back in the day, but never had the opportunity to play Pilotwings Resort until now. Just one of those games that have been under my radar for a while that I’m finally getting around to.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

This is a game that Kat was interested in playing, so we decided to go at this in co-op. I let her take the lead and adjust the camera when needed (to my frustration sometimes) and so far we have been having a fun time with it. I can see why some people wouldn’t mind a follow up to this game with more levels and mechanics that will really make you think.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania

I have a friend from college that got me into this series. I have more experience playing Monkey Target than the regular game, but the main game provides good fun and challenge in the later stages. So far their hasn’t been a controller flung across the room yet.

Back 4 Blood

Another game that Kat was really looking forward to that I got to play along with her. It definitely hits all those Left 4 Dead vibes and provides new things to keep you on your toes. I still have no idea what to do with the card system since when I was first introduced to them I was half awake at that time…

Mario Party Superstars

I was originally on the fence if I was going to get this or not, but after looking at footage and reviews, I couldn’t help myself. Kat and I will have a good time playing this regardless, but as soon as my brother and our friend gets it, it will be fun to play with them online. Being in the same room and giving death stares will always be my preferred way of playing honestly.

Currently Playing

After getting the platinum trophy for Arise, I was left in a dead-zone period. I didn’t have anything lined up next, so I’m spending the time with just a free-for-all at the moment. Starting Friday, I know my days are going to get busy with a certain update coming out. As for now, Kat dared me to replay Kingdom Hearts: Re:chain of Memories since I like to boost that it is not a difficult game and people don’t like it because it requires them to think and not just mash. It has been a while since I played it so I am a bit rusty, but if you know what you are doing for the most part it is not difficult to play. It takes patience, but not as bad as people point out. Outside of that, I have been playing online multiplayer games with one of my friends out-of-state. We got into GTA 5 online after years of putting it off and found the experience to be more enjoying than we thought. Other than that, we play the occasional Warhammer rounds where I pretend to know what I’m doing.

Plans for Next Month

This month is going to be fun. This Friday the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update is coming out, so I will probably spend my entire Saturday unlocking the new things that you can do. I enjoyed the base game, but this update was long overdue and I’m looking forward to spending 300 hours of my life on this game again. That should keep me busy until Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl come out on November 19. Gen 4 may be at the bottom of my favorite generations, but it has some merits that I’m looking forward to revisiting. Other than that, I need to get back to The Legend of Heroes: Trials of Cold Steel 4 and get that done by the end of the year. Those are my current plan, but things can change depending on my mood.

50/50 Challenge Update

I have been bad about keeping a routine. Motivation quickly came when I went to the gym and weigh myself. I had gained one pound from where I originally began. If this didn’t motivate me like hell I don’t know what did. I am working my butt off now to the point I’ve lost 6 pounds (according to last weigh in). I’ve stopped drinking sugary drinks and slowly getting desserts out of my sight. I bought a resistance band that I use in my office when I’m at work. I am trying hard right now without pushing myself to limits that I need to rebuild myself to. Now I just can’t get lazy about it next month 🙂

As for gaming, I am mostly satisficed with my progress. I’m seven games in, so I need to pick up the pace a bit. I should have been over twelve games at this point, but life is life (and I can’t stay awake pass 10:30 pm). This month is going to be a challenge, but I hope to keep up the same pace like I did last month.

Challenge Statistics:

Weight loss: 6 pounds
Pounds to go: 44

Games Finished this Month: 5
Total Games Finished: 8/50

Okay. Back to sleep I go.


September 2021 Report

I now have a backlog of posts that were suppose to be done but are not. Go me! One day I will have dedicated time to just write and not get stuck with writer’s block for a week on one topic. Like a unclean truck stop restroom, once this clog is out of the way better things are sure to come.

Anywho hello! I hope this month treated you better than it did me for the most part. I have no idea where the month went, but now we have entered the best part of the year. Summer is gone and the bone chilling air of Autumn is now here! I am not a fan of the heat, so having cooler weather and watching the environment change around me is a nice welcome. Plus, this is the first Fall in a while that I don’t have to waste staring at textbooks and can enjoy the nature around me. It is the small things at this point that keep me going, but that is not a problem when you have good things around you.

There were little posts posted this month due to the writer’s block that I mentioned. I’m happy to say that that is now over. A new post will be out on Monday, and after that should hopefully remain constant for a while. Other than that, work has been busy since we have reached evaluation month. Since I supervise multiple people, I have to write out each of their evaluations and their documents for next year’s performance cycle, so yeah a lot of writing that I’m doing for work. On the free time side of things, I would say that I have been productive in getting somethings lined up.

Finished This Month

I finished one game this month. Not only that, but it was a game that came out this year that I didn’t put on the backburner for once! I finished playing NEO: The World Ends With You after finishing the first game for the first time last month. I had a good time playing NEO. It was definitely more TWENY that I wanted, and the game succeeded in being a good sequel minus a few things. The Backlog Tale for that game is already in the works and should be out soon.

New Additions

NEO: The World Ends With You

Is it weird to see a game in my “New Additions” section that is also in my “Finished This Month” section? Yeah its weird for me to but at the same time something that feels like this is how I’m supposed to play all of my games. Huh. Weird.

Tales of Arise

The game that I’m currently working on right now. So far I am having a great time with it. It definitely scratches that Tales of itch that I like to play, while also including a lot of new elements that makes this feel like a true next-gen game for what’s that worth. Also any game that has an owl party member and a mechanic where you have to search for more owls will automatically be the best game that I’ve played.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion

I was buying something offline and this showed up in my suggestions area for $11. I borrowed this game from a friend a long time ago, but never finished it since I got to hard stage in the later levels. I still have my save data from the game, so I said sure. Besides that, this is a good game from what I remembered and it has some decent challenge to it.

Final Fantasy (PSP)

This version of Final Fantasy is considered one of the better ones. I found it in a thrift store for cheap one day and decided to add it to my collection. Now I just need to dust off the new PSP I got a while ago and actually play the games on it.

Castlevania Advance Collection

I have been waiting for this collection to be announced. I wasn’t expecting it to be shadow drop the day it was announced, but I do love me some Castlevania and this collection saves me from spending stupid money to buy the originals (or the Wii U versions). I plan on playing as many Castlevania games that I can in October, so these will definitely be in the mix.

Currently Playing

I am in the second half of Tales of Arise. I think I can finish this month, as long as I can pull myself from doing every side quest that I see available. On top of that, Kat got Deathloop and has been enjoying that on the PS5. So being the good partner that I am, I am sharing the PS5 with her. While she is playing that, I got sucked back into Civilization VI. I still don’t know how to play the game effectively, but I’m winning so far for now I think. While I think I am bad at Civ, I do have a good time playing it and the meme about “just one more turn” is real. If I do manage to win, I will count that as “finishing” the game and can check it off the list.

Plans for October

Tales of Arise will be done this month. There aren’t that many October releases that I’m excited for. I know people are excited for Metroid Dread, but I’m in the wake me up when Prime 4 comes out boat. I’ll eventually play it, but I’m not in a rush to. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania looks fun despite me buying Super Monkey Ball 2 a few weeks before this was announced… If there are any games that you would like to see get rereleased for current hardware, let me know so that I can go buy it and speed up the eventual rerelease. Other than that, my wife and friends are excited for Back 4 Blood since they played lots of Left 4 Dead back in the day. I have no attachment to it, but I will never turn down the opportunity to play games with friends.

After watching Capcom’s presentation yesterday, the itch to continue Monster Hunter Rise has returned. Even though I finished the main story and everything, there is still a lot of content that I haven’t gotten around to yet. With even more content coming out in Summer 2022, I think now is a good time to head back in.

Also starting this month, I will be streaming Castlevania games over on my Twitch channel (twitch.tv/danamesx). That starts tonight at some point when I make up my mind on which one I’m playing first. My plan is to play, stream, and beat as many as I can during the month of October. Streams will happen on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.

50/50 Challenge

On the gaming front, I’m doing good so far. In the exercise department, the low motivation from last month is still lingering. I have all the desire to workout after work, but when the time comes my body and mind just want to shut down. I do little things to keep myself active so that I don’t feel like a complete failure already. I have a standing desk at work which I have been using more frequent. Since I work behind a close door, I sometimes do squats or push-ups to get my body moving. I have been eating much better at least and have significantly reduce my portion intakes for every meal (maybe not lunches if I forgot to eat/bring breakfast to work). I still haven’t fixed my scale/bought a new one…so this challenge is going greeeeeat.

Challenge Statistics:

Weight loss: ???
Pounds to go: 50

Games Finished This Month: 1
Total Games Finished: 3/50

That’s all I got this month. Maybe if I can train my body to stop falling asleep so early I can maybe finish more things.