Where To Start In 2020 🤔

Since 2017, it feels like gaming has gotten bigger and more and more big titles have been released. 2020 doesn’t look different with people anticipating several big titles coming out this year. While there are some titles that I am drooling to get my hands on, I can’t help but also wonder what surprises are waiting for is. So with this short list, I want to let you know what I’m looking forward to and games I would like to be announced or released this year. I have no insight if any of my predictions will come true or not, but if so I would like to take credit for calling it first.

Game #1: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

I admit I was upset when I heard that this was being pushed back later this year, but I am still excited to revisit this game. Crystal Chronicles is such a unique game that felt limited due to multiplayer setup. With the ability to play wireless and cross play with PS4 and mobile devices, this will bring the series back to the public eye.

Game #2: Persona 5 Royal

Going into Persona 5 the first time, I was blown away by the presentation and aesthetic of the game. However, after finishing it I felt that the enhanced version would suit my taste better than the original. While I still have no idea what new story elements and dungeons the game will add, I am excited to journey with the Phantom Thieves again (my wife will probably finish this game twice before I get the chance to…again).

Game #3: Animal Crossing New Horizons

I have a feeling that a lot of people will be lost on their own deserted island once this game comes out. All of the new customization tools look amazing and new elements like enhanced graphic details and tools will make this Animal Crossing the greatest yet.

Game #4: Final Fantasy VII Remake

I told myself that I was not going to get this until all the parts were released. But after watching the trailers and gameplay, I got to have it. This may cause blasphemy among my peers, but I have never beaten the original game (Sephiroth intimidated the hell out of me the first time). I want to play through the original before this comes out, so I will tell myself good luck with that.

Game #5: Persona 5 Scramble

I think I am more excited for this title than Royal at the moment. I enjoy a good mindless hack and slash game, and a Persona themed one sounds delightful.

Game #6: Ghost of Tsushima

I originally got Sekiro mix-up with this title and I really enjoyed Sekiro. I know the two games are not related, but playing another game that makes me feel like an unstoppable shinobi is all good with me!

Game #7: Tales of Arise

The Tales of series has always been one of my favorites, and it looks like they are pulling all the stunts for this game. I thought Zestiria and Berseria had beautiful graphics, but this makes them feel like early PS3 games. While we still know little about the game, it is a definite day one purchase for me.

Dream Announcement #1: Breath of the Wild 2 releasing Summer 2020

We first learned about Breath of the Wild 2 during Nintendo’s E3 presentation last June. While nothing about the story, gameplay, or anything else has come out since, we are all looking toward this game fixing some issues that we had with the first. Ah who am I kidding, this is Zelda! We will still love it anyway 🙂

Dream Announcement #2: Tales of Collection 1

Last year I completed my task of acquiring every Tales game that was released here in the states. So what better time than after I went through all of that work for Bandai Namco to announce a collection of the first four titles: Phantasia, Destiny, Eternia, and for the first time in the states, Destiny 2 (Eternia was renamed Destiny 2 in the states). This would make me stop everything that I was working on just to play though all of these again (hopefully the definitive versions of each).

Dream Announcement #3: Fire Emblem Echoes: The Blazing Saga

With the success of Three Houses, Nintendo could revisit their Echoes sub genre by remaking the the Gameboy Advance titles. Either bundle both Blazing Sword and Binding Blade together for one long epic title, or start with one and release the other down the road.

Dream Announcement #4: Dragon Quest IX DX

I remember last year that the developer of DQ9 were talking about the success of the game and everyone was like “GIVE US A REMAKE AKLSDFJAOGHOAKLFJ!” I was among those that screamed this and I want to believe that they were viewing the interest of a potential remastered version. This would make my younger brother happy as he adore that game and we had good times playing together. If any developer is reading this, please please please please please!

Dream Announcement #5: Super Jump Ultimate All-Stars Shippuden Gaiden


Don’t stop believing

Bandai Namco apologizes for Jump Force by releasing the DS version of Jump Ultimate Stars to the Switch. There are no new features and the only added character is Minoru Mineta from My Hero Academia.

Dream Announcement #6: Golden Sun: Golden Dusk

Did anyone play Dark Dawn and remember the ending? When I first finished it I did not realize that I had reached the end. Then the credits rolled and I was like dafaq? Maybe one day we will see the release of all the games that have been lost emerge surprisingly this year and we return to our message board theories.

So what are some games that you are looking forward to this year? We are still in the beginning of this new year and decade so who knows what is in stored for us. Chances are after this post goes up, something amazing will be announced that will get me hyped (like Pokemon DLC).

Thanks for reading,


Advent Gaming Calendar 2019 Day 18: Persona Q2 – New Cinema Labyrinth

Credit to Tealgamemaster’s YouTube Channel

I enjoyed playing Persona 5. It added a lot of features to shake up the Persona series and injected a lot of style to it. I may prefer Persona 4 over 5, but I cannot ignore how stylistic it is. That is why in my opinion Persona Q2 has more style than Persona 5. For reference, I have played through P5 once, watched my wife play it three times, and watched as she 100% Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight. The only substance of Q2 that I know of is just this opening, and mmmmm this opening gets me pumped and energetic than P5.

So what is it about this opening that makes me like it more than P5? For starters, it conveys the setting and theme of the game. The returning cast of the previous Persona games (rip P1 and P2 characters) are brought together to solve the mystery of this cinema. A better understanding than P5’s dancing in the streets and PQ1’s “hey everyone is here” intro that is cool to watch and listen to, but lacks the impact factor. The last comparison I will make is that unlike the other openings, this one (in my opinion) peak my interest alone with its opening. With the mainline series, I rely on previous experience to know that it will be good. With PQ2, I knew that the first game was fun but didn’t hold my attention for long, but I wanted to play this one just based on the theme and how clean of an entrance it make. That, and one other factor.

This song kicks ass! Shoji Meguro will always be one of my composers and none of his tracks (mostly) disappoint. If I ever did a list of my favorite tracks from video games, this would have to go somewhere on my list. It is hard to describe it other than it is something Meguro would make. You normally get a rapping verse during a battle or important scene, but here you are treated to one without having to start the game. It gives players a taste of what is to come and if more tracks are as good as this one. A good tactic that might be true, if I listened to any other tracks. As much as I talk about how this intro wants me to play this game I wish I could take it off the shelf to play it. Not that it is a bad game (I think) I just need to listen to the opening more and more for me to eventually get to it. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 19!