2nd EXP Share Posts + Topic #3

Happy New Year!

Congratulations for surviving the previous year! Now do everything in your power to make this year better. Last month’s EXP Share topic asked the community to share a story about sharing the gift of gaming with someone, or someone sharing it with you. I enjoyed reading all the post fellow bloggers wrote and I liked the trend of sharing multiple stories in one post. It goes to show how much gaming has been an influence in people’s lives. Below are all the post from this topic:

EXP Share: Sharing the Gift of Gaming by Thero159 – Thero was our first contributor to this month’s topic and started the multiple stories in one. Both revolve around MMOs and how a friend can help you get stuck in these massive worlds.

Sharing the Gift of Gaming by Later Levels – Kim returns with another good feel post. The fun thing about her post is that she timestamped each event, showing that she has a great memory of impactful moments. This is her second time referring to Monkey Island, but she may have trouble referring it in the next post topic.

Sharing the Gift of Gaming Collaboration by TheGamerWithGlasses – A newcomer to the blogging community and I want to thank them for choosing to participate! Their post revolves around receiving a PlayStation and cherishing the gift for years to come.

EXP Share #2 – Sharing a Pastime… by Gaming Omnivore – GO is back sharing three stories of childhood memories and a recent one. It made me think about Twitch as a good platform of sharing gaming experiences and introducing new things to other people.

EXP Share Prompt #2 – Stories of the Past by Indiecator – This is Magi’s first time posting to the EXP Share post! We might have geeked out a bit in the comments about Pokémon Puzzle League and how it is one of the best game on the system. There are stories of connecting with people via Twitch and sharing gaming with a partner.

EXP Share: The Gift of Gaming Goodness by Ace Asunder – Last but not least is Ellen sharing a story of a mother, daughter, and a pink ball of cuteness. This is one of those feel-good stories of bounding with a parent over a subject that may go over their head.

Thank you all for contributing! A big writer’s block this month prevented me from contributing to my own creation, but I’m glad others had fun sharing; which is the point of these posts.

Now onto this month’s topic! I think I came up with something fun that anyone can do since it does not require thinking of something from years past. It is a new year. This means new experiences, new opportunities, and trying new things that you may not have tried before. With that, I would like to present this month’s topic:

Share A Story About A Game That You Played For The First Time This Month

For the first time, I am not asking for a story about your past, but about the present. With this prompt I am only asking for a few rules:

  • Play a game that is completely new to you
  • Play for at least a minimum of 1-2 hours (just enough time to get your initial opinion of it)
  • In your post, talk about why you choose it, what you like, dislike, if you will continue to play it, and anything else you would like to add.
  • Bonus points if it is in a genre that is new to you or one that you don’t really play

I hope that you enjoy this topic. It was fun to come up with and I hope to come up with other ideas similar. As always, you have until the end of the month to post your response via blog, social media, video, whatever. And as always, have fun!

Thanks for reading,