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My Time With The Nintendo DS

A year ago I wrote a post about my time with the Nintendo 3DS. Since I haven’t written off the beaten trail lately, I decided to write a follow-up post, but this time focus on the original dual-screen system. I was very late to the DS world due to being a poor kid. My older…

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My Current Top 100 Games! (Minus 90 of Them)

If my math is correct, this post should be my 100th post here on Tales From The Backlog. I am surprised just like you all that I am here to celebrate this occasion. I already surpassed 100 follows on the blog a while ago, but I didn’t do anything at the time to commemorate it…

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2021 Lightning Prediction Round (Anniversary Edition)

Last year I wrote a post with my wild ideas and predictions of what I would be playing in 2020. Out of the 13 games that I mentioned I have played 3, own one that I haven’t played yet, didn’t pick up one of them, will be playing two this year, and still dreaming about…

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I Am Now Ready for Monster Hunter Rise

Last year when we got the news of Monster Hunter Rise, I was excited but cautious. The trailer looked interesting and showed off a new world and ascetic for the series. The use of the new Wirebug mechanic to zip around the map looked very interesting and it made me wonder what cool tricks I…

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My Favorite Games of 2020 Award Extravaganza

Another year, another level completed. This year would have been an amazing year to get a lot of games off of my backlog. What happened instead was a lot of picking up a lot of games on sale and drowning myself even more. Even so, I’m surprised that I was able to enjoy some games…

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My Time With the Nintendo 3DS

With the news that the Nintendo 3DS has finally ended production, I wanted to take a look back on the console and the fond memories that it provided. The Nintendo 3DS is probably one of my favorite systems. Growing up with two brothers and only one home console that we had to share, I always…

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Soul Calibur Appreciation Post

I’ve done it! I was able to obtain my second platinum trophy! The honor goes to Soul Calibur VI. I wouldn’t expect myself to complete a game like this, but something clicked and it motivated me to get everything. While there is some clean up left to do, I think I can safely put this…

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The Appeal of Monster Hunter

So what else can you do in the game? If you want to be a pacifist, you can capture monster instead of killing them. Capturing yields more rewards than killing, but requires you to utilize the limited number of traps carefully. There are some monsters that cannot be captured, so I would suggest inviting friends…

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Where To Start In 2020 🤔

Since 2017, it feels like gaming has gotten bigger and more and more big titles have been released. 2020 doesn’t look different with people anticipating several big titles coming out this year. While there are some titles that I am drooling to get my hands on, I can’t help but also wonder what surprises are…

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Obligatory Post About Gaming This Decade

It is hard to believe that we are leaving the 2010’s and moving into the 2020’s. It felt like 2010 was yesterday and that everything in between happened in a blur. While a lot of things happened to me personally over the past decade, this post is not about that. Instead, I want to take…

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The Scariest Time Of The Year

Imagine. You are resting in bed comfortable after a 9 hour video game session. Your palms are sweaty, knees a little bit numb, and dad’s zucchini was left in the kitchen. You are snuggled in, about to be drifted off into autosave mode, when suddenly you get a notification. It has begun… You hear a…

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Final Fantasy XIV: The Chosen MMOne

Massive Multiplayer Online games have never been my type of genre. As an introverted person, interacting with other people has always been a challenge for me; more so with one’s that I cannot physically interact with. Most people adapt an online persona to help with that uneasiness, but for me, I like to be who…

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