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May 2021 EXP Share Post + Topic #8

It’s summertime!Another EXP Share month has ended. While on the short side, I’m happy that everyone seems to be enjoying these random discussion post. Here are the post from last month’s theme: Your Wit’s Got To Be Twice As Sharp As Your Sword by Later Levels – There are a handful of lines that I […]

Name That Tune! – EXP Share #7

Music is an important factor of my life. I started playing music at age nine in my fifth grade band and stayed in the music program up to my senior year. I remember in my junior year of high school, I told my mom that I had no interest in becoming a doctor anymore, and […]

April 2021 EXP Share Posts + Topic #7

Hello everyone. I hope this past month was full of learning new things and increasing your intelligence stat. If not, there were some really good posts this month full of video game trivia that were shared by other bloggers. Learn some interesting things by giving their post a read! EXP Share: Trivia About My Favorite […]

March 2021 EXP Share Post + Topic #6

The madness of March is behind us now, so let’s start moving towards April. Before we do, I would like to share some of the EXP Share Posts that others have written this month. Thank you all for continuing to contribute! Plot-twists, instant deaths and naked missions by Kim from Later Levels – Kim starts […]

This is Fine – EXP Share Post #5

Did I come up with this topic to talk about something that I’ve wanted to talk about in a while but didn’t have an excuse to at the time? Short answer, yes. The point of entertainment is to entertain you. Rather that be a good book, tv show, movie, or video game, entertainment wouldn’t be […]

EXP Share Posts + Topic #5

February has come an gone, meaning another EXP Share month has come to a close. There are several posts that other bloggers have shared with the community, and I am thankful for their participation! Here are the posts that were shared this month! EXP Share: A Story That Involves Someone Special To You by Thero159 – […]

Gaming With Those Special People – EXP Share Post #4

I’m back with another post on this month’s EXP Share topic. I decided to take a page from what a lot of you have been doing. I’ll be paying tribute to several people that I have a special connection to. Gaming would be a lonely hobby if you couldn’t share it with someone, so I’m […]

EXP Share Posts + Topic #4

Another month has come and gone. With that, another month of EXP Share posts have been shared around the community. Last month I asked the community to share a story not from the past, but the present day nightmare that we live in. The objective was to play a new game that was 100% new […]

Something New, But Familiar (EXP Share Post #3)

Welcome back to another EXP Share post. This month, I asked the community to write a post about a new game that they have never played before and talk about the experience. I originally wanted to do Resident Evil VII for this post since it is a game that I would never play, but wanted […]

2nd EXP Share Posts + Topic #3

Happy New Year! Congratulations for surviving the previous year! Now do everything in your power to make this year better. Last month’s EXP Share topic asked the community to share a story about sharing the gift of gaming with someone, or someone sharing it with you. I enjoyed reading all the post fellow bloggers wrote […]

EXP Share Results + Topic #2

The inaugural month of the EXP Share Post has come and gone. I hope everyone has had fun reading and sharing each other’s stories. I was unsure how this collab would go with others, but it seems to be enjoyable and I am happy to continue doing it! With topic number one, there were a […]

How It Started (EXP Share Post)

I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence as a child. I liked to hide behind my older brother who was more adventurous than me and wasn’t afraid of many things. The same philosophy carried over to the virtual world. While there were plenty of co-op games that we played on our Super Nintendo, I was […]

EXP Share Post Topic #1

Good day everyone. For those who did not see the announcement in my last blog post, I am starting a new monthly collaboration event for anyone to participate in. The EXP Share Post is a monthly collaboration event where anyone in or outside the community can share their stories and experiences with each given topic. […]

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