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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to visit! My name is Carlton, but online I go by my handle DanamesX (DA – NAMES – X). I have been gaming from around ’95 and it has been a part of my life since. This site is my way of expressing my passion for gaming by mixing real stories and presenting them in a humorous fashion. Laughter makes us feel alive, and I hope that my silly stories and post can help brighten your day.

Outside of my storytelling, I like to write post on other gaming subjects that I feel like sharing. I will try to keep the humor going, but there may be times where I have to take a serious note from time to time. Be on the look out for some of these post from me:

  • Single/Co-Op Tales (featuring my wife, brothers, and friends)
  • Finish Game Review – my thoughts on games that I recently finished
  • Top ??? List – List are fun. Random topics with random entries
  • Advent Gaming Calendar – I do a yearly advent calendar revolving a gaming topic
  • Personal Collection Updates – Just a nice time capsule to check my progress on things.
  • Random Stories – For special days, I like to come up with special post. Various on what the post will be about.

Besides post content, I do keep an updated list of my entire collection; when new games have been added (which happens a lot), games that I have recently finished (which does not happen often), and what games that I am currently playing. There is a link to a Google spreadsheet that links to my collection. I am currently working on one for all of my gaming related books and tabletop games.

I hope that gives you a good jest of my content. I’m just a simple guy who enjoys video games. But you don’t have to take my word. I will let the following quotes from various people let you know great the content is here!

What People Say

I am not playing Dark Souls just so you can write a story about it.

My Wife

Link from “The Legend of Zelda”

I did not kill myself.

Jeffrey Epstein

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