Hello, and thank you for taking the time to visit! My name is Carlton, but online I go by my pen name DaNamesX (DA – NAMES – X). I have been gaming from around ’95 and it has been a part of my life since. This blog is a mixture of my thoughts on games that I’ve recently finished, looking through my collection a sharing stories about them, and my general thoughts about games in general. The post I share are not reviews. Rather, they are my thoughts that I had about the game as I played it or reflected on after finishing it. Some of my earlier work my have a review feel to them, but I have since moved on from that format.

Outside of my storytelling, I like to write post on other gaming subjects that I feel like sharing. I will try to keep the humor going, but there may be times where I have to take a serious note from time to time. Be on the look out for some of these post from me:

  • Backlog Tales – My thoughts on games that I’ve recently finished for the first time.
  • Collection Tales – Posts that talk about games in my collections that I’ve already finished, but want to talk about.
  • Opinions Are Just That – My opinion pieces on various topics that I feel like talking about.
  • EXP Share Post – A fun collaboration event that is open to everyone! On random months, a topic is selected that anyone can respond to. No pressure if you don’t have a story to share with everyone else. Enjoy others stories and join in the fun when you can!
  • Personal Collection Updates – Just a nice time capsule to check my progress on things.
  • One-Off Posts – For special days, I like to come up with special post. Various on what the post will be about.

I hope that gives you a good jest of my content. I’m just a simple guy who enjoys video games and likes to talk about them. But you don’t have to take my word. I will let the following quotes from various people let you know great the content is here!

Favorite Genres

  • RPGs (JRPG, Action RPG, Strategy RPG)
  • Musou (Dynasty Warriors)
  • Strategy
  • 2D Sidescrollers
  • Simulations

Current Top 10 Games

  1. Tales of Symphonia
  2. Persona 4 Golden
  3. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  4. Monster Hunter (Pretty much any of them)
  5. Pokemon SoulSilver
  6. Mega Man X
  7. Pokémon Puzzle League
  8. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3
  9. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons
  10. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 1-4

What People Say

I am not playing Dark Souls just so you can write a story about it.

My Wife

Link from “The Legend of Zelda”

I did not kill myself.

Jeffrey Epstein