Backlog Report – March 2023

And just like that, the first quarter of the year has ended. 2023 has been one of the most up and down years that I’ve had in a while. One minute it can be nice and quiet, and then the next things seem to be falling apart. March was no different, but things are starting to get much better as our patience has started to bare fruit in some areas.

Kat has finally landed her dream job. After deciding to leave her job and worrying that she wouldn’t be able to find something rewarding, she was offered a job that is exactly what she was looking for. I’m happy for her since she will no longer be putting up with a job that she doesn’t enjoy (hopefully). This new life event is also setting other things in motion now that will hopefully improve the wellbeing of our lives.

In other news, I avoided injuring myself this month! I got hurt financially this month thanks to a really crappy dentist office, but other than that I escaped death this month! I wish I had more things to talk about my life, but it is plain and boring at the moment.

Games Finished This Month

Final Fantasy XV

Is Final Fantasy XV a good game? This is the questions I have been asking myself ever since I finished it. I have come to the conclusion that it is subjective. If you are the type of person who like a good story and narrative, you are in for a bad time. If you are someone who enjoys the themes of brotherhood and personal connections, then you might have a better time with it. I don’t regret the time that I spent with this game since there were moments where I was having genuine fun. I have no desire to play any of the story DLC, but I will do the extra grind just to get the last four achievements that I’m missing.

If you want to know more about my thoughts about this game, read my last post about it!

New Additions

Metroid Prime Remastered

Out of all of the early 2000s remasters that I was excited for, Metroid Prime was top of my list. This is a type of game that I wouldn’t have played back in the day, but something about it made me marathon all three games when Metroid Prime Trilogy came out on the Wii. I’m surprise with how much of this game my memory remembers since I am kinda flying through areas and bosses. I do find it weird using a normal controller and not a Wii Mote with this game. The motion control option works, but doesn’t feel as responsive that the Wii Motes were (which is an odd thing to say). Hopefully I will finish this game up in the near future.

3D Dot Game Heroes

I have heard about this game before, but have never come across it. I thought it was going to be super expensive to find a copy of this game, but I must have lucked out and find a relative cheap copy at the secondhand store. I am looking forward to playing through this game once I get the urge to re-hookup my PS3.

Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter’s Battle

Have you ever seen something in the wild that you don’t believe is real? I never knew that Koei made a Dynasty Warriors game for the OG DS and it is a mix between and action game and card collecting. It looks weird and bad. I wanted to ignore it, but the curious collector in me couldn’t ignore it. I’m prepared to either be validated in knowing that this was going to be a bad game, or pleasantly surprised if I enjoy it. Either way it is now in my collection waiting for me at anytime.

Collection of SaGa: Final Fantasy Legends

As I continue to dive into a series that no one cares about, it was time for me to acquire the games that started it all. I have no idea what these games are like outside the screenshots that I’ve seen. Hopefully I enjoy them the same as the later SaGa games.

Various Daylife

There are games that sometimes draws you for no reason. Ever since I heard about this game, I’ve been interested in it for some reason. It could be the Bravely Default art style or the idea of just grabbing random people to go out and fight monsters with. Whatever the reason, I have the game now so I should see if there is something behind my curiosity.

We Who Are About To Die

The Spring Steam Sale didn’t go by without me becoming a victim. Out of everything on my wishlist I decided to go with We Who Are About To Die. The game is described as a gladiator simulator with rougelike elements. You manage your gladiator in different events and scenarios in order to become the Grand Champion of the Ring. It is another one of those games that just peeked my interest and seemed like the type of game that I would play. Once I get around to it, I will report back to how it jives with me after a few runs.

Culdcept Revolt

The Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eshops were executed in Nintendo’s backyard on March 27, 2023. I though I was done purchasing things on it a long time ago, but I decided to give the ole shop one last viewing. I ended up making a few last minute purchases since I decided I wanted all of the GB Pokémon games on my device. After I did that I had funds for one more game. I decided to go with Culdcept Revolt since I heard some good things about it. The only thing I know about this game is that it is a hybrid between a card game and a board game. I like both of those and I’ve seen combinations like this work before. No idea when I will get around to it since it was me just spending the remaining funds I had for the eShop. Goodnight eShop Paperbag Boy or whatever you were.

Currently Playing

The two games of Divinity: Original Sin II are still going on. Kat and I have done what we need to do to move on to the third chapter of the game, but we are planning on beefing up our characters before leaving Reaper’s Coast. There are many quests that we having finished and we are still under leveled for some of them. Once we get a bit more comfortable we will eventually move on. The four player campaign that we are doing is still ongoing. We hadn’t been able to meet up the past two weeks, but should be back into the swing of things this month. We just got to Reaper’s Coast so I imagine we will be here for a while.

Over in my solo corner, I am back in the rut of deciding what to finish next. It’s time to take a break from Final Fantasy or Square in general since I feel like that is all I’ve been playing lately. Metroid Prime is moving along, but at the moment I can only play in short burst before I get tired. Yesterday, I started two games that are from franchises that I have never played before. The first is Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness and the Secret Hideout. I played Mana Khemia: Student Alliance way back in the day, so I’m unsure if it is similar to it. So far I am enjoying it since I’m getting a mixed vibe of Dragon Quest and The Legend of Heroes from it. I can see myself sticking to this for a while.

The second game I’m casually playing through is Diablo III. I have never played a Diablo game before. I can see the appeal of it, but as of right now I am in the “It’s okay” camp. It reminds me of Gauntlet but more “randomly generated.” This is also the type of game that would be more interesting with friends, so I may ask one of my buddies if he is up for a new co-op session. So far it hasn’t made me a Diablo “fan” but time will tell.

Plans For Next Month

There is one other game that I’m to play before a remake of it comes out this summer. It is a game that I have never finished despite loving the ever-loving hell out of it. I don’t want to spoil the game just yet since I want to record myself playing through the entire game. That, and I will be playing through the sticky version that is a downgrade from the original. Why? Because I am going to achieve EVERYTHING in it. What game is it? Find out (hopefully) this month when I have the time and energy to stream and record through it all.

That is pretty much it. Some days I feel like I’m just swimming in my own space and not really colliding with anything else. During times like this I get a bit unmotivated to continue writing, but then I remember why I did this in the first place. I’m going to keep practicing my writing style and continue to write the things that I want to. This is just a look some of my inner struggles. Hope to have more things come out soon!

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