EXP Share Posts + Topic #5

February has come an gone, meaning another EXP Share month has come to a close. There are several posts that other bloggers have shared with the community, and I am thankful for their participation! Here are the posts that were shared this month!

EXP Share: A Story That Involves Someone Special To You by Thero159 – Thero is at it again and sharing a story about teasing her younger brother. As an older (and younger) brother myself, I understand power it feels to watch someone stay on high alert when the threat is a defenseless butler.

EXP Share #4: My High School Friends by The Gamer With Glasses – George is back with a reminiscing post about his friends in high school. What feels like a golden age of gaming to some people, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic myself from reading his post.

My Blogging-Friends and the Games We’ve Shared by Later Levels – Kim shares several stories that may look familiar with a lot of you. Kim’s influence in the blogging community has helped her connect with so many people, and it shows with how much she cherishes some of those memories.

EXP Share: Cat Companions by Ace Asunder – When I said anyone can be a special gaming partner, I meant that anyone could be. Solarayo dedicates her post to her two best roommates; who happen to be here furry companions.

Gaming With Those Special People by DanamesX – I am plugging my post this time since I was very late in getting it out. With working on the Pokémon Catcher’s Catch collab and personal stuff, I almost did not get my own post out. I decided to add short stories from several people in my life that I am always happy to play games with.

Thank you for always sharing! Now to this month’s topic.

March March March! It’s hard to believe that it is March already. Where has the time gone? For most of us, we try not to think about last March, but sometimes reflecting on one event makes us think how we survived during other events. One way we escape the dreaded void is by escaping into another void; video games, tv shows, or books in most cases. But, what happens when your escape pod leaves you into an even darker void that completely negates the other thing that you were escaping from? That my friends brings me to this month’s topic:

Share a story where an event in a game, tv show, movie, or book left you in shock and your reaction to it.

A “what the f***” moment has bound to happen to us at some point. Why not share that story with others! I’m also opening this questions up for the first time to other mediums outside video games. If your story has a spoiler in it, you might want to let your readers know of it ahead of time (yes things that came out 20+ years ago can be considered a spoiler to someone who hasn’t experienced it yet). As always, the prompt will go until the end of the month March 30.

Thanks for sharing!


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