EXP Share Posts + Topic #4

Another month has come and gone. With that, another month of EXP Share posts have been shared around the community. Last month I asked the community to share a story not from the past, but the present day nightmare that we live in. The objective was to play a new game that was 100% new to them and spend about 2 hours playing it. Afterwards, tell us about your experience with the game and if you will continue to play it or not. Here are the posts from this round:

EXP Share: A Ring Fit Adventure by Pix1001 – Joining us for the first time is Pix1001 from Shoot the Rookie! Pix jumped on the chance to join since a new game arrived the same day the prompt was announced (sounds like a good excuse to me!). Take a look to see if Pix got a good workout. Also I apologize for not leaving a comment like I normally would (don’t know how that escaped me).

EXP Share #3: Final Fantasy VII by TheGamerWithGlasses – Participating again is George with his first time experience with Final Fantasy VII. After playing the remake, see what his thoughts about the OG game was after taking less time to get out of Midgar.

EXP Share: First Impressions of a Game I Played This Month by Thero159 – Thero presents a really cute game called Cat Quest! Based on her description of the game, I might have to check it out for myself when I have the time.

Yakuza 0: Trying Something Different by Later Levels – I got Kim to talk about a game that wasn’t Monkey Island this time! Kim went out of her comfort zone to earn those bonus points by playing Yakuza 0. As someone who has this in their backlog as well, her opinions make me wonder when I will finally give it a go.

EXP Share: Anthem is Awesome by Solarayo – Ellen returns sharing her experience with the popular online game Anthem. She also shares an opening monologue that I 100% agree with!

A New Experience – Exp Share by Gaming Omnivore – Nathan slides in on the final days of the month to talk about his experience playing Among Us with a bunch of cool people. While reading this, I couldn’t help but to fell that I was there as well.

And those are the post from the first EXP Share of this year! If you submitted a post and I missed it somehow, please yell at me and I will update the page with your post included. But seriously, I would feel bad if I didn’t thank everyone who participates rather that be posting something or interacting with others on their post. With that, I hope you are all still enjoying this community event that I came up with one sleepy night.

With that, let us set the stage for this month’s EXP Share topic. It’s that lovely month where businesses shame you for not spending money on a significant other and those devil chalk candy with the messages on them reemerge from the hell that they came from. While I have a problem with the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, I have no problem with people expressing their love for one another. With that in mind, I aim to make these topics all inclusive so that anyone can participate. So for this month’s EXP Share topic:

Share A Story That Involves Someone Special To You

This month doesn’t have to be exclusive to just significant others. A special person can be anyone who you deem is special to you. This could be a significant other, a older or younger sibling, a parent, a close friend, your twitch chat, the voices in the wall, or your pet. Just share a story that involves you and this other person and why it is a memory that you hold on to. It is your story you want to share, so tell us all about it and have fun with it. As always, you have until the end of the month to submit your post.

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