October 2020 Gaming Report

This report may look different for several reason. The first reason, I really haven’t been able to do much this month. Despite my efforts of finding a good work, school, life balance, something will always show up to damper the mood. November is going to be rough since final projects will be due at the end of the month. I expect my gaming habits will change this month to short burst to get my mind off of things. I will be so happy when December gets here and I don’t have to worry about classes that I’m not that engaged in. I will be done with school forever next Summer, so I just need to endure just a little longer.

My second reason is that I’m still in the process of updating my mega spreadsheet. I have all of my entries in place, and I’m working on the final collection area; which is all of our PC games. Once that list has been completed, I want to experiment with linking other data to entries, and make the whole navigation of my data better (did I mention I really like working in spreadsheets and manipulating data?). I decided to retire my old Numbers format that is usually at the end of these post to create something better than just bullet points. I don’t expect anything revolutionary happening in my gaming life right now, so I don’t mind having it absent for the next few months.

Finally, the last reason I can’t seem to get anything done is the same reason as last year. After finishing one game that is currently sitting at my favorite game this year, I haven’t had the urge to play anything new as of late. I lost the urge to play any games that I had lined up, and I found myself playing a lot of games that I have already finished like Overwatch and Animal Crossing. I assume that I play these games for comfort, but when I need constant comfort I don’t get the urge to play any of the other (insert number here) games that I own. I don’t see a comfort game like Pokémon Sword coming out this month to save me, so I will deal with what I have currently. This should mean that I should stop buying games right now, but I am a weak individual who can’t say no to a good deal or a rare find.

Finished Games

I finished one game in October and it has become one of my favorite games. I didn’t know what to expect from Hades except that it was developed by Supergiant Games. Bastion is one of my favorite games of all time, so I went into Hades with high hopes. Now, I am torn between which game I like more. The combat and gameplay in Hades is amazing. The learning curve that it takes to learn enemy movements is paced well and feels great when you can pull of perfect runs.

What the game also does well is the replay value. Just because you know your way around doesn’t mean that you can mix things up. The game offers a lot of challenges that you can attempt and enough weapon variety to attempt different playstyles. The game is also accompany by an amazing score and character development that makes each character unique and interesting. For a short game, there is a lot the player can get from it.

New Additions

Most games that I got this month were ones that I found on sale. I found a copy of Dragon Quest Builders II for only $15 USD, which was hard for me to say no to. The same went with Marvel’s Spider-Man and the Mega Man Zero/ZX Collection. I have been holding off getting these games for when I could find a good deal and now was the perfect time. I picked up the first Professor Layton game from a secondhand store and am interested to see if I enjoy it like the Phoenix Wright games. I know they are two complete different genres, but they were popular around the same time to the point they collaborated with one another.

The biggest new addition was sent to me as a gift from one of my closet friend. He had been playing a lot of Total War: Warhammer II that he thought I would be interested in it. I’m not going to lie, I’m not the biggest fan of Real Time Strategy games. I like to take my time during a strategy game and plan my moves out slowly. Having the skills to make quick decisions is one that I’m still working on, and unless it is in a game built around action, then I’m going to get bored quick. Warhammer II on the other hand kept me engaged when I was playing with my friend. I don’t know if it is because it is a mix between turn-based strategy and real-time, or if having him there explaining it to me helps. We are both mentally stressed out people, so we like to antidote this with dumb internet humor whenever we play games. I think controlling a lizaed/dinosaur army with ridiculous names like Soup’s On and Freddy Kroug ‘Ar helps from taking the game too serious. I don’t really see myself playing this game on my own, but I’m glad that it is another game in our repertoire to play.

Plans for Next Month

The same plan we try every month Pinky. Try to take over the world stay sane and play some video games!

As I mentioned before, the “Numbers” section will be absent until the beginning of the new year. I will look into somethings to fill this gap here. Until then, stay safe and drink plenty of water!

Thanks for reading,


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