It’s Quiet…..Too Quiet

Hello! Your friendly neighborhood DanamesX here. This is a quick post to let you know that things may be quiet on the blog for a little while. I work at a university and classes just started this Monday. I haven’t had to wake and be somewhere in about 5 months, so I’m slowly adjusting to my normal work flow (for how long we stay open). On top of that, I resumed my online classes Monday, so I am trying to create a schedule for when I need to fulfill my student obligations.

It has only been three days since things took off and I have been coming home exhausted each day. On top of that, I am trying to get a handle of my over worried brain so I can sleep peacefully at night. I’m enjoying the fact that my lazy days are coming to an end, but I was not prepared for the sudden burst of activities.

I have zero plans to abandon or let the blog fall to the side line. On contrary, I have several drafts that I have been working on, but I haven’t published for one reason or the other. I am slow when it comes to writing, and I like to polish things before publishing them. There is one post that I am writing that I wanted to put out this week, but again life dictates where I have to put my focus in. Once I get back into the swing of work and find a schedule for school work, everything should fall into place (unless a certain game coming out on Aug 28th doesn’t destroy everything).

If you are still reading up until this point, thank you for sticking around! I’m coming up close to the one year anniversary of the blog, and I want to start doing more things with the blog and within the community. To give you a sneak peak on what I have been working on in the background, I am possibly doing one of the stupidest things only I would have the patience to work on. I have been working on this all summer now, and I want to get it done before my one year. Along with that, I hope to have another announcement if I think I can get it to all work out.

So that is my mini life update I guess. I am very active on my Twitter if you need to reach me there, and I drop/ghost in the Support Role discord regularly. Again, thank you for enjoying my random thoughts and opinions and I hope to get back writing soon!


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