The Appeal of Monster Hunter

My favorite weapon was recently brought back 🙂

So what else can you do in the game? If you want to be a pacifist, you can capture monster instead of killing them. Capturing yields more rewards than killing, but requires you to utilize the limited number of traps carefully. There are some monsters that cannot be captured, so I would suggest inviting friends to do the dirty work. There are a plethora of optional quest to do to keep players coming back; especially if you want to attempt to 100% complete each game. There is also an arena that no one really likes. You have to choose from five preset equipment sets and hunt a monster as fast as you can solo or with a friend. Think of this mode as a time attack mode that is only fun for a few hunts. There are also tons of armor and weapons to collect. Many people have devoted themselves to fashion hunting, so if you would like to create different armor and weapon combinations to hold a fashion show, then this game has it.

Sounds interesting? There are other factors that make this series an interesting game. The improvements that World introduced made the series accessible for new players, but took away a little bit of the charm that the older games had. There is a lot of hidden lore about the world and trying to piece the history is another fun joy. I didn’t get a chance to talk about how your own personal growth affects how you improve as a hunter. There are no stat improvement that you can do for your character. You equipment is the only thing that increases your stats and abilities, and everything else comes from your experience. It is possible to hunt in nothing but your underwear and still be able to take down the hardest monsters in the game. These different playstyles and approaches is what makes this series standout and one of the most unique games I’ve ever played.

Also there are cats. Did I forget to mention the palicos? These trusty felines are your hunting partner and are very helpful in the field. You can customize them however you like and train them for what you need. They are extremely loyal to you and will assist you the best they can; even if that means taking one for the team sometimes. Since they are cats, they make the same cat sounds and some of them are master chefs. These furballs are everywhere and add some relief when you are being stomped to death.

Yup it is official. The palicos are the most appealing thing about these games.

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4 thoughts on “The Appeal of Monster Hunter

  1. The Masked Gamer Gal June 16, 2020 / 4:10 pm

    I love MH, and while I haven’t fully completed the IceBorne Arc yet, I really was happy to see a few monsters from the previous games being injected into the multiplayer version. However, I do feel they should of brought back the Lagombi just for Iceborne, that is my favorite monster to hunt XD.

    Also, I do love the Palicos but also having the shrubby shakalakas were fun too!


  2. Frostilyte June 19, 2020 / 10:42 am

    I’m really glad World lifted some of the crust off of Monster Hunter because my experience with the older games was not…good at all. They felt a lot more clunky and far less responsive. The trade off with World being that with more responsive controls you’re expected to use the faster response time.

    That said, for me personally, I really enjoy how there is so much variety in terms of things to master. The 14 weapons all have their own unique play style with various subtle differences to maximize your efficiency against a variety of monsters. Practicing a weapon for hours until you get it juuuuuuust right feels great. And with how diverse the different weapons play there is something for every type of player. I’ve even found my preferences slightly shifted between base World and Iceborne.

    I take it from the included screen captures that you’re a Great Sword main, but I take it you have a long history of weapon usage across several titles, yeah? I’d be curious to know what that looks like.

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    • DanamesX June 22, 2020 / 9:02 am

      Sorry that I never got back to you (I forget sometimes to check my comment tab). You make a great point about the weapon proficiency that I want to bring up in my next post. Even something like the bowgun has two different styles that players can choose from that function differently from each other. So if you want to be a ranged character, You have almost the same options as the melee characters.

      As for weapon of choice, I would definitely say that I am a great sword user for the most part. I am returning to Generations Ultimate and it is a big adjustment from playing World for a long time now. For that game, I am going back to Switch Axe, which was my main weapon in 4 Ultimate. I feel I’m a bit faster and my reaction time is better with Generation’s play style. Other than that, I have a separate character that I use to practice my bowgun skills since it is my least favorite weapons to use. World has made me enjoy the bowgun more and I hope to translate some of those skills back to Generations.

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