Update #3: Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

Things have been rough. My home has been turned into my office and there is no real feeling of “freedom” after I clock out for the day. Being home meant that I could breath and kick back with either playing video games or writing for this blog. It took me way longer than others to finally adjust to this new norm, but I think I am finally at a comfortable place to get back blogging. Writing used to be an escape from school and work when I wanted to write something different than procedures or essays. Now that I am out of school for the summer and not many task at work, I am left with this unknown time that I need to start using. With that, I am going to start focusing on this blog more to provide more content for all of you. My first real goal that I am establishing for my blog is to post at least one post per week. I’ve listed below some of the content that I have planned out.

Gaming Post (Duh)

I have finished more games this year than I did the previous. This is a giant accomplishment since we are not even halfway done with the year (for better or worse). There is a lot to talk about the games I’ve played, but I struggle on where to start. I want to talk about the pros and cons of the rich storytelling in the Legend of Heroes Kiseki trilogy and how you need to commit 200+ hours to get the most of it. Final Fantasy VII Remake was a game I was not excited for, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. I don’t want to talk about Sonic Forces, but I do want to talk about Bloodstained and how it compares to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night to me. I have all of these ideas, but it is getting the pen to that paper that I need to connect.

My Older Brother Co-op Tales

This was supposed to be a monthly series. Obviously, I missed last months post. I had two post done, but after rereading them it didn’t feel special. These tales are suppose to talk about gaming with my brother and how he influenced me to be the person I am today. Nothing in those old post told that story and I had to start over. Before the end of this month, I will have two chapters in this series done and then continue the trend until the end of ther series.

The Month of June

June is a special month for me since it is my birth month. I don’t normally do anything special for my birthday, but lately I have been more open to celebrate the occasion. For the month of June, I want to create content around a specific game franchise or topic. I have decided that this year it will be about the world of Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter is one of my favorite series of all time and I generally like talking about it. Six is the magic number and that is the minimal number of post that I have to do. I might even through in some streams if I can convince my friends to join me.

And that’s about it. I wish my writing habits were on point as my gaming right now. I am always on my Twitter and I need to remember that I have an Instagram. I don’t know how to end this post, so keep doing you and drink plenty of water.

Thanks for reading,


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