I Don’t Like To Binge, But I Can’t Stop Right Now!

So, stuck at home with nothing to do but work, house work, school work, and slowly losing sanity. This is a perfect time to get a lot of gaming done! Nothing helps decompress after a hard days work with a little gaming for 10 hours straight. While I normally get the sweet release from consciousness around the three hour mark, I have been glued to my couch the past few days. A great change of pace that I hope to keep up.

This post kinda ties with one of my previous post where I talked about my reasons for not finishing games. Bingeing is the act of indulging in an activity. Common types of bingeing are eating or watching T.V. As I get older, I find it increasingly harder for me to sit and do one activity for too long. I spend however long I need doing something, and then I move on to the next thing to make the most of my day. There are, however, times where something captivates me so much, that I can’t pull myself away. By now, you can probably guess what game I’ve been playing from dawn to dusk.

Butt Island

It is NOT Animal Crossing! For a few days it was, but the honeymoon phase is slowly fading out. I am still enjoying my time with the game, but I’m currently at a blank as how I want to continue to develop my island. Until then, I still play everyday to gather material and check the shops.

What has captivated me recently came via a tweet from Game Informer on April 1.

Was this a joke? Don’t joke with me like that! The Legend of Heroes series became one of my new favorite franchises in the past year. The first one took me a while to finish just because the story, writing, characters, and world is very fascinating. Top that off with a cliffhanger of an ending that made me immediately start the second game. I was not prepared at all for what this game was going to throw at me. I honestly did not think we would be getting the last installment in this story so soon. It was amazing to see the third one being localized and I guess the series now has a good reception in the West.

I will eventually write why this series has become one of my all time favorites down the road. After finishing the second game, I plan on going back and play the Trails in the Sky trilogy since it connects to the rest of the story in Cold Steel. This may take me months since I can’t help but to do almost everything in these titles. Once the Sky trilogy is complete, I will resume Cold Steel and see this saga to the end. Now let us just hope the Crossbell games make it over to the West so that we can experience the whole story. And then…you know…the game that combines all three stories into one conclusive tale (this is a long series @_@).

That is it for me. Just a short post to say that I am another casualty of binge gaming.

Thanks for reading,


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