For how productive I was last month, this month it will all downhill (kind of). This does not mean that I was being unproductive and not getting anything done. In fact, I think I put in a lot of effort to have games done next month! With that, I only have a few things to report on for this month.

Games Finished

Nothing. Zero. Not a damn thing.

This month saw me jumping from title to title. I am on track of finishing the game I want for March, but out of nowhere, I started to get the urge to tackle Dark Souls again. I finally beat the horrific duo known as Ornstein & Smough and I can finally continue the game. I had been at the fight for over a month and it was a matter of time before I finally got their attack pattern memorized. Now with the Lordvessel and the ability to warp now, nothing can stop me until the next nightmare comes along! Whenever I needed a break from the first game, I would switch over to the second game. For some reason I find the second game easier since movement is a bit faster to my liking. Every time I come across something dreading, I normally find it less intimidating and comical at some points. I will save my ramblings for these games when I finally finish them one day.

Other than that, I got the urge to play through Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Master Rank is definitely the challenge I was missing in the base game, and I’m glad the monsters are finally putting up a challenge. Here’s to hoping that the next expansion brings in G Rank and continues the challenging climb.

I also went back to Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Getting through this game is a sluggish one, and I finally figured out why. This entire time, I have been playing on Hard mode for my first playthrough. Knowing this, I think I ruined the game for myself since each battle was a task to make every move perfect. After lowing the difficulty to Normal, the game became more enjoyable since I was able to now relax and enjoy the game. I still plan on beating the game on the hardest difficulty, but now I know that sometimes taking it easy is its own reward.

New Additions

Be proud of me everyone. I only bought ONE new game this month! I was challenging myself to not buy any games this month, but I could not pass this offer.

My local Game Stop was selling new copies of The World Ends With You: Final Remix for only $20 USD. How could I not pass that up! I own the original DS version, but did not get far into it. With the possibility of playing this game in Co-op, I’m hoping Kat will be interested in playing this with me.

Plans For Next Month

My goal for next month is to finish at least three games. Everything that I have been doing this month has lead up to this. It will be a challenge since I still have school work that needs to be done, plus I am taking a big trip the first week in April. I have a break from work this week, so my days off will give me plenty of time to get things done. I also plan on doing another test stream (starting today) to give streaming another try. I have always told myself that I wanted to stream, and now all the tools are in my possession. The only thing that I need to do now is to actually do it….

My goal is to get comfortable streaming and do it semi-regularly by the end of the year. Will that happen? Time will tell.

Numbers and Charts

*I used the same charts from last month since nothing really changed. I’m allow to be lazy sometimes! >.<

And here are the numbers:

February 2020
Games Finished: 0
Games Added: 1
Finish Total: 190/673

Number of Achievements Earned: 5 (Most games I played this month do not have achievements)

Game Played Most: *Secret Game*
Most Played Console: PS4

Current Games in Process:
*Secret Game*
Dark Souls Remastered
Dark Souls II: Scholars of the First Sin
Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Games Rotated Out:
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II
Nier: Automata
Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Thanks for reading!