Update #2: New Year, New Goals, More Games To Play!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope the holidays have treated you fair and the new year treats you even better! I wanted to make an obligatory post about plans this year (the ones that I know of as of now) and what is coming down the pipeline for Tales From the Backlog.

Stories. Where Are They?

Patience young reader. I haven’t run out of stories yet; quite far from that! I started several drafts of stories that I wanted to share, but due to the advent post and me relaxing these past few days, I wanted to de-stress myself and enjoy the little things around me for a while. I also have a problem where my memory has become flaky in some areas, so I have to think hard if I am remembering some things correctly. Expect more stories soon!

2020 Will Be The Year I Get Games Done!

A lot of things prevented me in 2019 from enjoying my favorite pasttime (work, buying a house, grad school, balancing my marriage, my own stress, music, family, housework, etc). This year I plan to take on few tasks just so I do not stress or burn myself out like I did last year. Before writing this post, I spent the past four days doing nothing but waking up and playing video games from morning until midnight (I have not done that since….I don’t remember). Although I feel bad leaving somethings unattended, it felt great to just unwind and not stress about anything for a while before going back to work and starting classes again. I just finished Trails of Cold Steel 1 and the emotions are still flying high.

My wife and I are challenging each other to complete 5 games based on credentials that we came up with. She has expressed that she has missed gaming as well and we hope that this little challenge will get us both back into the habit of playing. We are still finalizing our list, but I am excited to share more time with her.<3 On top of those 5 games, I am challenging myself to finish 10 more games on top of that. 2019 was a bad year to be a game on my backlog, and with more exciting titles coming out in 2020, I don’t know when things will get done. I want to create a post my games of 2019, the past decade, and what I am looking forward in 2020 so expect those next week. After that I have a few games that I did finish that I have not had the time to talk about yet so I will get to those.

Quarterly Backlog Report

While this site is a good way to share my stories in gaming, it is also a good place for me to keep track on my activity and keep record. I have relied on my Google Spreadsheet for the past 5 years now and it will be good to have a different viewpoint of things. I also have access to database that I may try integrating one day. If you are interested in comparing stats when this post come out, keep an eye out for those.

And I think that is everything in this shot update post. I was planning on making a schedule for myself for when to post, but I think my theme for 2020 is to “Go with the Flow.” I need to find ways of eliminating some stress out of my life without giving up the things that I enjoy doing and that is my main goal for this year. So with that I will see everyone on the funny pages!


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