Secret Blogger Santa 2019!

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How’s it going everyone! This year I had the opportunity to participate in Secret Blogger Santa hosted by the lovely “Lightning” Ellen from Livid Lightning Thank you again for hosting this event! This is my first time doing this, so I hope I did everything correct.

My designated blogger I received was the up and coming Ry from Hobbits of Hyrule. Like me, he is new to the gaming blog scene and started his journey in August. Since then, he has produced thirty-six post and they have been enjoyable to read. Currently on his blog, he is documenting his journey in the Galar region by doing a nuzlocke run. He is currently six episodes in and things are starting to heat up. You can catch the first episode here! Other than that, Ry likes to talk about games that he has recently played and talk about them in a mini review like setting. He categorizes all of his post into New, Old, and Recent. I highly recommend his thoughts on Screencheat (a game I never heard of but very interested in now) and Breath of the Wild.

For my gift, I would like to present him with the Hero’s New Clothes from the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker!

The idea behind this gift is that no matter where you go, or how you look, you are always wearing the clothes of a hero. I also think it is an appropriate gift since his blog revolves around the Legend of Zelda ascetic. Hopefully the clothes will make him feel like a hobbit and a hero at the same time. Plus its machine wash safe and dryer friendly!

I hope you enjoy the gift Ry and keep up the good work! Thank you again Ellen for hosting this event and I hope you all enjoy the holidays!


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