Advent Gaming Calendar 2019 Day 23: Monster Hunter Tri

Credit to dahuman’s YouTube Channel

And the award for making me tear up over collected emotions goes to Monster Hunter Tri’s opening. There is something about this intro that just fills me up with many emotions that is hard for me to describe. I would say Monster Hunter is my favorite franchise and it all started with this game.

Nothing special happens in this intro, but it does do something that later games do not. Most intros in the series now focus on a group of hunters working together to take on the game’s featured monster(s). This puts emphasizes that the game revolves around you and your friends hunting down these powerful creatures; which yes of course that is what the game is about. What the others fail to capture is the grand scale of the world you are in. Tri’s opening only features the monsters until the very end. You get to see how the monsters interact with one another and the struggle between predator and prey. You see these powerful herbivores being chased away by these small predators who are then weaklings compared to what lies in the sea. It all accumulates to a standoff between two powerful forces, a Rathalos, the king of the skies, versus a Lagiacrus, the lord of the seas. Immediately you see who is in charge of this world and they do it without showing off the even scarier monsters in the game. The entire focus is on the main characters of the game, the monsters themselves. I never thought of the hunter being the main character of the series since they do not add anything to the world. The monsters are the ones who carry the story and shape the world, so it feels natural that you would want to showcase them and their power.

The track is also powerful to me and I want it to play on any venture I take when walking in the woods.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 24!


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