Advent Gaming Calendar 2019 Day 18: Persona Q2 – New Cinema Labyrinth

Credit to Tealgamemaster’s YouTube Channel

I enjoyed playing Persona 5. It added a lot of features to shake up the Persona series and injected a lot of style to it. I may prefer Persona 4 over 5, but I cannot ignore how stylistic it is. That is why in my opinion Persona Q2 has more style than Persona 5. For reference, I have played through P5 once, watched my wife play it three times, and watched as she 100% Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight. The only substance of Q2 that I know of is just this opening, and mmmmm this opening gets me pumped and energetic than P5.

So what is it about this opening that makes me like it more than P5? For starters, it conveys the setting and theme of the game. The returning cast of the previous Persona games (rip P1 and P2 characters) are brought together to solve the mystery of this cinema. A better understanding than P5’s dancing in the streets and PQ1’s “hey everyone is here” intro that is cool to watch and listen to, but lacks the impact factor. The last comparison I will make is that unlike the other openings, this one (in my opinion) peak my interest alone with its opening. With the mainline series, I rely on previous experience to know that it will be good. With PQ2, I knew that the first game was fun but didn’t hold my attention for long, but I wanted to play this one just based on the theme and how clean of an entrance it make. That, and one other factor.

This song kicks ass! Shoji Meguro will always be one of my composers and none of his tracks (mostly) disappoint. If I ever did a list of my favorite tracks from video games, this would have to go somewhere on my list. It is hard to describe it other than it is something Meguro would make. You normally get a rapping verse during a battle or important scene, but here you are treated to one without having to start the game. It gives players a taste of what is to come and if more tracks are as good as this one. A good tactic that might be true, if I listened to any other tracks. As much as I talk about how this intro wants me to play this game I wish I could take it off the shelf to play it. Not that it is a bad game (I think) I just need to listen to the opening more and more for me to eventually get to it. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 19!


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