Advent Gaming Calendar 2019 Day 13: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Credit to VG247’s YouTube Channel

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the best Smash Bros game made. I know some people dislike the spirits mechanic and wanted an adventure mode like the Subspace Emissary, but for what the game offers it is hard to complain (even if complaining is easy these days). What undoubtedly makes this title so special is the inclusion of every character from previous titles was included in the roaster. This along with thirteen new characters with more on the way makes the game re-playable for months to come. And every time you boot up the game, you are treated with one of gaming’s greatest tributes.

The opening to Smash Bros Ultimate is not only a love letter to the series, but to gaming culture as a whole. Seeing all of these characters displayed in one game gets me going. You probably have had some memory with more than one of the characters in the game. Having them and their game franchise featured feels like a high honor and is a great feeling overall. The only ones who do not featured in the opening however a characters introduced in the Fighter’s Pass, but maybe one day Nintendo will patch a new opening that will feature them as well. The display of awesomeness on screen is accompany by another piece of awesomeness called “Lifelight” composed by Hideki Sakamoto. When I first heard this song I had it playing everywhere I went. It is such a somber and inspirational song at the same time that matches the tone of the story mode. It is not meant to discourage the player to feel hopeless when you first start the game and you have only eight characters at first (only Kirby if you play World of Light), but to motivate you to head out and unlock all the characters that you just saw. It is a very warm opening that gets me going every time I stop to watch it.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 14!


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