Advent Gaming Calendar 2019 Day 12: Mega Man 2

Credit to wireboom’s YouTube Channel

I would like to believe that this was one of the first iconic openings that people know to this day. Mega Man 2 is considered one of the best Mega Man games in the Classic series. The improved game play, mechanics, and music help elevate it over its predecessor. Not to mention the new robot master and locations you visit makes it memorable to players.

I have only played the second game about twice (never got to the end). While I have no emotional attachment to the game, I do understand how some people get nostalgic whenever they see the opening. It is a little monologue about how Mega Man came to be and how he has to stop Dr. Wily. And then you get the pan up of the building to find Mega Man on top with his hair blowing in the wind. A simple image. Mega Man is on top of the world where he can see everything as the world’s protector. That is the vibe I got and wonder if that was the original intent for the scene. After the scene, you hear the familiar Mega Man theme play in the background that would go on to be his theme in future games. This feels like the true origin of who Mega Man becomes after the first game. Wily creates/finds robot masters that Mega Man has to stop; rinse and repeat. A fitting image to see our hero. I also believe this is the first time we see him without his helmet. You look at his hair and ask “Damn Mega, what conditioner are you using?”

The answer is “Wash and Roll.”

Tune in tomorrow for Day 13!


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