Advent Gaming Calendar 2019 Day 11: Donkey Kong 64

Credit to The Rare Witch Project’s YouTube Channel

Here we, here we, here we go! It’s the DK rap! How can you not know the DK rap when you hear it start up. People who have never played this game before may have had some interaction with this song. A “Rare” gem in the N64’s library is Donkey Kong 64. It was developed by Rare and introduced DK and gang to the world of 3D. The game had some memorable ideas like giving DK and Diddy guns (coconut gun and peanut pistol) and things that should just not exist (looking at you Lanky and Chunky. Tiny is discount Dixie).

The opening act is a stage performance to introduce the main cast. Kind of how like Super Mario Bros 3’s opening is the set up for a stage performance. Unlike that game however, this game is not a stage show and this solely exist as a fun way to show off the characters. Each character introduced shows off what makes them all unique and “fun” to play as. First up is DK. Everyone knows who he is at this point so he does not need that long of an introduction. The only difference is his coconut gun which Shigeru Miyamoto allowed once and then gave him bongos to murder kremlings. We are then introduced to two new kongs Tiny and Lanky. Tiny has the ability to shrink her size and manover in small places. Lanky can do weird things with his body…I guess….no lie Lanky creeps me out and I feel his portion did not give me a good idea on what he’s useful for. Diddy is back and he gets to keep the jetpack after this game and Chunky is the dumb brute force of the group. Overall this intro does a good job in tell you who these characters are and how to use them.

The rest of the opening has Cranky going ham on the turntable while the narrator says random fruits and nuts. It kind of makes me wish Cranky was a hidden character that would start a house party whenever he is summoned. Either that or he will come and said he beat the game under an hour without dying and not touching Lanky.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 12!


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