Advent Gaming Calendar 2019 Day 9: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Credit to GTA Series Videos’s YouTube Channel

Not all openings have to contain cryptic messages of what their game is all about. That is where the lay back 80’s callback of Vice City comes in. To me it feels like starting an episode of a show that I am watching. The things that you do in Grand Theft Auto almost feel episodic in some nature. If you stick to the main storyline, it is like playing through each episode of this chaotic 80’s show; while goofing around causing as much mayhem feels like the season(s) that no one talks about but secretly enjoy.

The little retro login at the beginning felt cute, but could be put into any logo opening scene and you would not know what to expect. It is when you see the style of the “Rockstar Games Presents” font and colors that you begin to feel the aesthetic, and then the beat drops. Its something about that smooth groove jazz that teleport your body and soul into the era. Funky attitudes, questionable dress attire, and the need to roller blade where ever you go makes you want to revisit the era again. Vice City also gets its charm by being loosely based on Miami, FL. The sunny beaches, hanging palm trees, and big city to explore are in my opinion the perfect image of the 80’s. While not much else to go off, I hope people get when I describe this as an episodic opening. You can choose to watch it since it is short, or you skip right over it. Honestly it is that sax player in the background that makes me want to pick up the saxophone, but I’m a brass player…and more than four buttons confuse me.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 10!

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