Advent Gaming Calendar 2019 Day 8: Romancing SaGa (PS2)

Credit to Micahely’s YouTube channel

This opening feels really simple to me. It doesn’t feature any memorable moments and the song is not as catchy at first. If you have never played a SaGa game before, the premise is all about creating your own journey with the characters available and the established world. This is done with the Free Scenario set up that makes every playthrough different depending on what actions you take.

But enough game analysis, why do I like this opening? Well first, after subjecting myself to this song every time I started the game, the song final stuck with me. I do not know what the song is called or what any of it means, but it feels soothing after a while like someone telling me a story by the fireplace. This is kind of what is going on with the Minstrel playing his double neck lute, guitar thing (I’m pretty sure it is a guitar, but it looks nice!). As a minstrel/bard does, they go around to places and tell stories about different people and events. The opening makes that plain and clear as we see the minstrel walking and we see different scenes happening in the background. The scenes have no significant meaning, but are images on how you think this story unfolds. Again, with the Free Scenario system, the story can be different every time, and all the minstrel can do is tell the story of how it is. It would be cool if the images in the background changed with data left on the memory card, but PS2 limitations hadn’t reached that far yet. All in all, a simple opening that invites you to tell your own tell and it may go down in history.

*Breaking Pre-Post News!* Before I posted this I watched the opening again just to make sure I was not forgetting anything. I completely missed the point that each character is shown individually and then as the story goes on, each character starts interacting with one another until they are all shown together. It shows that no matter where your story unfolds, destiny will always bring people together when they are needed. A nice touch at the end that is miss-able. We now return to our regularly scheduled post content.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 9!


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