Advent Gaming Calendar 2019: Day 7 – Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Credit to Carlos Goukeriolo’s YouTube Channel

Yup, I am cheating a little bit. But come on! What better way to get you in the mood to play a game based on an anime with the opening being the actual opening? I should put that in asterisks because even though this is a recreation of the Dragon Ball Z opening, it takes the Japanese Opening but uses the Western soundtrack. I didn’t realize at first how big this was, but it was a nice detail give western audiences the soundtrack that they were used to at this point. The Japanese opening uses it’s original opening, but I was unable to find a good comparison video to compare it to.

What I am really impressed with is that “Rock the Dragon” syncs perfectly with the opening. The U.S. version used a mashup of clips from the show for its opening, so until I played this game for the first time, I had never seen this opening. The sync feels natural and it kinda makes me wonder if the recording for the song was suppose to go with this opening originally. Regardless, there is not a whole lot more to say except that when you watch this you know what you are getting yourself into. It is Dragon Ball Z. You are playing through the first three sagas of the anime and that is all you expect from the game.

Okay. CGI Gohan gives me the creeps whenever he appears and he looks giant for being 4!

Tune in tomorrow for Day 8!


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