Advent Gaming Calendar 2019: Day 1 – Final Fantasy Type 0

Credit to MasterLL’s YouTube Channel

When nine and nine meet nine, the depths of reason shall stir. When the seal of creation is broken, a voice like thunder shall sound, and thou shalt know we have arrived.

Ace – Final Fantasy Type 0

Starting this year off, Type 0 gets straight to the point about its premise. Things suck. War has broken out, people are dying, there is actual blood being spilt! This ain’t your grandparents Final Fantasy, we are going to flood these streets with its citizen’s blood! The closest intro to this would be II’s opening I guess, but you don’t see people die from the invasion. The visuals and muted color palette paint the world amazingly and you immediately know what you are about to enter.

The soft introduction at the beginning establishes the world and some of its history. It does use some terms that may sound foreign if you are unfamiliar with the Fabulas Nova Crystallis lore. Some of the things may not make sense (some never do unless you invest time to learn), but at least it all looks pretty!

My favorite part of this opening is the music! “The Beginning Of The End” has become one of my favorite soundtrack in gaming music history. I am a sucker for live recorded tracks, and this one is a banger. It captures the atmosphere perfectly and presents an eerie tone to it all. The choir and orchestra play in harmony with one another and know when to bring out the dynamic areas. Even the name is a giant foreshadow of things to come. The whole track just fills me with determination to take in the world.

With all of that, I believe that the opening does its job of drawing you into this world. Nothing about this game is bright and cheerier and it stays like that till the end. As much as I enjoy the opening, I have yet to finish the game since I got it when it first came out. That hasn’t stopped me from watching this intro in the hopes of me one day finishing it

Tune in tomorrow for Day 2!


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