Update #1: Style of Writing/December Advent Calendar/Page Updates

*Looks at calendar*

Oh what you look at the time, it’s time for my first real update post to let my readers know what is happening now and in the future. I am present day DanamesX, I will be your host for this update post.

Style of Writing

The first thing I wanted to talk about was the style of writing that I wanted to continue doing. If you read my last two post about Halloween or the first Co-op tale, then you may have noticed that I tend to write in a comedic tone. After thinking on it for a while, I decided that I want to keep writing in that style since I tend to enjoy it a bit more and I have fun writing them. This does not mean that everything may be written like that, but for the most part expect more of that.

December Advent Calendar

Last year on my Twitter, I counted down my top 25 favorite games of all time. I am not going to repost that list since I would already change it after playing some games this year. I will announce the topic of this year’s advent calendar next week and begin writing up each of entry. Post will start on December 1st and conclude on December 25th Christmas Day. Again look forward next week to the announcement of the theme.

Page Update

I recently upgraded my WordPress account and now have more tools to play with. With that, I want to try and tweak my page up a little bit. The white-on-blue that it is currently is pleasing, but I would like to make it a little more engaging and personal to me. I would appreciate any feedback as I am messing around and know what people like or dislike.

And that is all I have. Short, simple, and to the point. I would like to continue writing more Co-op and Solo tales after the holiday season is over and more reviews if I can ever get a time to sit down and actually finish a game *grumble grumble*. Chances are the next game I will finish will be Pokemon Sword which I am really looking forward to playing (despite what others might think). I think its weird to post things like “follow me on my socials” but I do it anyway on the sidebar since that is the best way to see if I am dead or not. I have no way of closing out on this so I will leave you with an image that I found amusing.


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