Who Am I, And Why Am I Doing This?

Hello. My name is Carlton, but on the online world I go by my screen name DanamesX (da-names-X). I am currently twenty-seven, working a full-time job, pursuing my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science, married with two cats (4 and 13 weeks), play tuba with my local community band, and (as of now I guess) a blogger. My time is pretty much maintained with the occasional surprises happening here and there. When I have the time to spare (or if I am having a real bad day), I like to spend my time playing video games and try to escape my chaotic world for a while. The problem, as of now, is that time I have allocated to my favorite pastime is dwindling and has become a struggle to sit and enjoy. I’m constantly fighting with myself over what I should play or if I should be playing anything at all. The thing that was once my escape now makes me feel a bit guilty for spending time doing it.

That brings me to my next point. Why am I doing these blog post? Why am I taking more time out of my busy schedule to do extra work. The simplest answer I have at the time is that I love playing and talking about video games and I hate seeing myself stop playing them. Some of my fondest memories involves video games one way or another, and I wanted to find a way to express what I love. Doing YouTube or streaming would have made things stressful since I would have to schedule things and commit time to it. With writing, I can pick it up anytime, write for as long as I want, and share my immediate thoughts without having to set things up and try to remember those feelings. Here in this space, I can write my personal thoughts, feelings, and opinions in a medium that I am comfortable with. It gives me a new reason to want to play my games so that it gives me the opportunity to talk about them to whomever wants to take the time to listen and discuss as well.

With that, I plan on writing as much as I can. I will keep a notebook on me to help me remember some key elements or commentary as I am playing. Looking at my backlog, I have enough material to keep me busy for a long time. Within these blog post, you can expect one of these topics from me:

  • Play Session Diary – Post where I just talk about them game(s) that I am currently playing and my current thought I had during my play session.
  • Reviews – Since I have gotten older and my perception of games have changed, I would like to give my personal review on some of the games that I finish on my backlog. I may not do it for every game that I play, but I would like to do them.
  • List – I am a sucker for top number list. Last year on my Twitter I counted down my top 25 favorite games of all time during the month of December, and I plan on doing something similar again this year. I may migrate those to this platform just because I have more space to go deep into my decisions if the need arises.

And that is about it. Unless I am extremely pressed for time I want to try and post at least 3 times a week. I’m interested in hearing any comments or feedback and I hope we can start some discussions along the way. My next post will either be about the game that I am going to finish tonight, or write about exactly how big my collection and backlog is.

I don’t have any kind of sign off yet, but I will come up with one eventually.


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