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My Entries For The Great JRPG Character Face Off!

Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPGs) are an all-time favorite genre of mine. I didn’t discover my love of the series until my teenage days. My love for reading and storytelling captured my interest in the genre and has kept me satisfied to this day. The most prominent games that come to my mind are Tales […]

July 2020 Gaming Report

Something…something..July. Something…something…gaming. Each month seems to begin and end quickly. Soon, work will start to pick up again, and my third to last semester will begin. My gaming routine will have to alter some, but I have noticed that it has been on a decline lately. I’ve been juggling titles less and have opted to […]

Soul Calibur Appreciation Post

I’ve done it! I was able to obtain my second platinum trophy! The honor goes to Soul Calibur VI. I wouldn’t expect myself to complete a game like this, but something clicked and it motivated me to get everything. While there is some clean up left to do, I think I can safely put this […]

June 2020 Gaming Report

We’re halfway through this crazy year and I will admit that I will miss Spring. Summertime always drains my mood, resulting in a seasonal depression that is hard to kick. This has affected the blog and gaming, as I feel I need to spend my time doing “grown-up work” and not spend all my time […]