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I Am Now Ready for Monster Hunter Rise

Last year when we got the news of Monster Hunter Rise, I was excited but cautious. The trailer looked interesting and showed off a new world and ascetic for the series. The use of the new Wirebug mechanic to zip around the map looked very interesting and it made me wonder what cool tricks I […]

2nd EXP Share Posts + Topic #3

Happy New Year! Congratulations for surviving the previous year! Now do everything in your power to make this year better. Last month’s EXP Share topic asked the community to share a story about sharing the gift of gaming with someone, or someone sharing it with you. I enjoyed reading all the post fellow bloggers wrote […]

My Favorite Games of 2020 Award Extravaganza

Another year, another level completed. This year would have been an amazing year to get a lot of games off of my backlog. What happened instead was a lot of picking up a lot of games on sale and drowning myself even more. Even so, I’m surprised that I was able to enjoy some games […]

EXP Share Results + Topic #2

The inaugural month of the EXP Share Post has come and gone. I hope everyone has had fun reading and sharing each other’s stories. I was unsure how this collab would go with others, but it seems to be enjoyable and I am happy to continue doing it! With topic number one, there were a […]

How It Started (EXP Share Post)

I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence as a child. I liked to hide behind my older brother who was more adventurous than me and wasn’t afraid of many things. The same philosophy carried over to the virtual world. While there were plenty of co-op games that we played on our Super Nintendo, I was […]

My Time With the Nintendo 3DS

With the news that the Nintendo 3DS has finally ended production, I wanted to take a look back on the console and the fond memories that it provided. The Nintendo 3DS is probably one of my favorite systems. Growing up with two brothers and only one home console that we had to share, I always […]