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My Current Top 100 Games! (Minus 90 of Them)

If my math is correct, this post should be my 100th post here on Tales From The Backlog. I am surprised just like you all that I am here to celebrate this occasion. I already surpassed 100 follows on the blog a while ago, but I didn’t do anything at the time to commemorate it […]

It’s Not A Hiatus, It’s A Vacation!

As the title says, I am going on vacation soon. How long of a “vacation” am I taking? I’m thinking about a good two month long “vacation.” This isn’t because I’m not enjoying writing or bad mental health. I’m weirdly very motivated right now, but I know when I need to take time for myself; […]

May 2021 EXP Share Post + Topic #8

It’s summertime!Another EXP Share month has ended. While on the short side, I’m happy that everyone seems to be enjoying these random discussion post. Here are the post from last month’s theme: Your Wit’s Got To Be Twice As Sharp As Your Sword by Later Levels – There are a handful of lines that I […]

Name That Tune! – EXP Share #7

Music is an important factor of my life. I started playing music at age nine in my fifth grade band and stayed in the music program up to my senior year. I remember in my junior year of high school, I told my mom that I had no interest in becoming a doctor anymore, and […]

Backlog Tale – Astral Chain

I finally got around to playing and finishing Astral Chain. This game was hyped up before and after its release as one of the best titles on the Nintendo Switch. Well, I’m two years late to the part and I was able to see the game to the end. What are my thoughts about it? […]

First Update Post of 2021

Hello Hello. Normally, I would post a monthly update on what I’ve been playing this month, but I wanted to use this time as an update post to let you know what my current and future plans are. Personal Garbage At the time of this writing, I am two tasks away from finishing up my […]