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How It Started (EXP Share Post)

I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence as a child. I liked to hide behind my older brother who was more adventurous than me and wasn’t afraid of many things. The same philosophy carried over to the virtual world. While there were plenty of co-op games that we played on our Super Nintendo, I was […]

My Time With the Nintendo 3DS

With the news that the Nintendo 3DS has finally ended production, I wanted to take a look back on the console and the fond memories that it provided. The Nintendo 3DS is probably one of my favorite systems. Growing up with two brothers and only one home console that we had to share, I always […]

October 2020 Gaming Report

This report may look different for several reason. The first reason, I really haven’t been able to do much this month. Despite my efforts of finding a good work, school, life balance, something will always show up to damper the mood. November is going to be rough since final projects will be due at the […]

EXP Share Post Topic #1

Good day everyone. For those who did not see the announcement in my last blog post, I am starting a new monthly collaboration event for anyone to participate in. The EXP Share Post is a monthly collaboration event where anyone in or outside the community can share their stories and experiences with each given topic. […]

Blog Anniversary Refresher

Break time is over. One year ago, I started this little blog site to talk and share my stories about gaming. I created it on a whim, and didn’t put much thought into what I really wanted to do with it. Over time, the blog started to take shape, and  A year later and I […]

August 2020 Gaming Report

Where has August gone? It feels like we just finished July, and now August has ended as well. I am not going to complain since that means we are one step closer to Fall. One tree in my yard is already starting to change its colors and shed a few leaves. Soon it will be […]