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Update #3: Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

Things have been rough. My home has been turned into my office and there is no real feeling of “freedom” after I clock out for the day. Being home meant that I could breath and kick back with either playing video games or writing for this blog. It took me way longer than others to […]

April 2020 Gaming Report

I feel weird writing this. As of this post, there were only two post from me this entire month. This is definitely the slowest upload rate since I started, and I want to blame the change in routine for that. My energy and motivation toward anything is at an absolute low and I am trying […]

Fine. Let’s Talk About Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You have no doubt heard about the newest game in the Animal Crossing series. New Horizons could not have come at a better time. Everyone that I’ve seen play it have had positive responses to it. Not a big surprise since the series is about the zen of living, debt, and expanding. I’m not here […]

I Don’t Like To Binge, But I Can’t Stop Right Now!

So, stuck at home with nothing to do but work, house work, school work, and slowly losing sanity. This is a perfect time to get a lot of gaming done! Nothing helps decompress after a hard days work with a little gaming for 10 hours straight. While I normally get the sweet release from consciousness […]

March 2020 Gaming Report

March. Oh March. I feel like this March will go down as the Marchess March of Marches. You’ve heard it all from everywhere, so I won’t repeat it all. Stay safe and hygenic. The month started out strong, crumbled a bit, and then went upwards toward the end. I fell that my attitude towards gaming […]

The Co-op Tales: My Older Brother (Part 1) – The Beginning

When I initially decided to write stories about my past gaming experiences, I had one person in mind that I always wanted to talk about. My older brother, (Super) CJ, is the reason I am the gamer I am today. He is not just my older brother, he is my best friend in the world […]

Real Neat Blog Award the First!

I have been nominated for my very first Real Neat Blog Award. That is really neat! I have to thank Jelly Puff for nominating me! Jelly runs a great blog where she shares her travels, feelings, and gaming hobbies. Follow her along as she knows how to canvas her emotions with her writing. The Rules […]