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How To “Level Up” In Monster Hunter. Personal Growth over Artificial.

Most RPGs follow the tradition of giving attribute points to build a character’s stats. The points that are given to you, or randomly assigned, determines how strong you are, the equipment that you can use, if you can cast magic, your health, etc. This allows replayability so players can restart the game and build their […]

The Appeal of Monster Hunter

So what else can you do in the game? If you want to be a pacifist, you can capture monster instead of killing them. Capturing yields more rewards than killing, but requires you to utilize the limited number of traps carefully. There are some monsters that cannot be captured, so I would suggest inviting friends […]

May 2020 Gaming Report

Wow. Where has the time been going? May seemed to have ended so quickly that I did not realize that we are in June now. I try to have these done by the first of each month, but yeah. Games Finished Continuing my trend from last month, I have found some success in finishing some […]

Update #3: Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

Things have been rough. My home has been turned into my office and there is no real feeling of “freedom” after I clock out for the day. Being home meant that I could breath and kick back with either playing video games or writing for this blog. It took me way longer than others to […]