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I Don’t Like To Binge, But I Can’t Stop Right Now!

So, stuck at home with nothing to do but work, house work, school work, and slowly losing sanity. This is a perfect time to get a lot of gaming done! Nothing helps decompress after a hard days work with a little gaming for 10 hours straight. While I normally get the sweet release from consciousness […]

March 2020 Gaming Report

March. Oh March. I feel like this March will go down as the Marchess March of Marches. You’ve heard it all from everywhere, so I won’t repeat it all. Stay safe and hygenic. The month started out strong, crumbled a bit, and then went upwards toward the end. I fell that my attitude towards gaming […]

The Co-op Tales: My Older Brother (Part 1) – The Beginning

When I initially decided to write stories about my past gaming experiences, I had one person in mind that I always wanted to talk about. My older brother, (Super) CJ, is the reason I am the gamer I am today. He is not just my older brother, he is my best friend in the world […]

Real Neat Blog Award the First!

I have been nominated for my very first Real Neat Blog Award. That is really neat! I have to thank Jelly Puff for nominating me! Jelly runs a great blog where she shares her travels, feelings, and gaming hobbies. Follow her along as she knows how to canvas her emotions with her writing. The Rules […]

Final Fantasy VI: Advance – #MaybeinMarch #EndingtheJourney

Hey you! This is a part two to a post that was posted along with this one. If you have not read part one about the history between me and this game, go over and give it a read! If you purposely skipped part one just to read my reflections on it then enjoy! I […]

February 2020 Gaming Report

For how productive I was last month, this month it will all downhill (kind of). This does not mean that I was being unproductive and not getting anything done. In fact, I think I put in a lot of effort to have games done next month! With that, I only have a few things to […]

Pokemon Day 2020 – Typing My Favorite Typing of Pokemon From Each Type.

Pokemon has always been one of my favorite franchises. Growing up having to share one console with my brothers, we were lucky to each have our own Gameboy. Pokemon quickly became my go to game afterwards since I didn’t have to share it with anyone. So for this Pokemon day, I wanted to share my […]